New Huawei new 4 evaluation with full screen Punch Display, 25 million front camera and 3 rear camera with Ultra Wide lens


Waiting for a long time There will be a technology that will wipe the screen that is irritating to the eyes And now one of the ideas is the Punch Display screen or the screen that penetrates the camera hole. The first model that was released and sold before anyone else is Huawei Nova 4 That droidsans got the device to be reviewed Beyond the screen new 4 This model also has a feature that uses an iconic chip, front camera of 25 megapixels and 3 rear camera Triple Camera.

New 4 design and assembly

For the machine Nova 4 The way the droidsans came to criticism was Blue Crush Blue, which seemed at first glance, was also secretly thinking in P20 Pro, but Huawei said that each color is different. Think about it. This is greener than that. And also more purple than that, that Crush Blue is a blue color Chase the shades of purple to see clearly. Just below But if you become a good lightweight player, some corners will see the entire purple back cover.

The picture is stiff, hitting and aching. This part is made of metal. Set the charger in the room to wake up to be cool. The back, curved edge, received with both sides of the palm

The top has a 3.5mm headphone jack to use as before. Not cut in any way Part clairvoyant As a hole, ie a noise canceling microphone And pick up the center that looks like the IR Blaster or the infrared port Actually it is a proximity sensor that measures the distance and leaves when using the phone. Who will find remote applications or download? This says it can not be used.

Turn the other side, the left side of the machine is a slot to insert a SIM tray. This model can only fit 2 SIMs. There is no slot to add memory or micro SD.

Some people may ask if they use the NM card as the Mate 20 or not, this is to say that it is not accepted, there are only 128GB available.

Rotate to the bottom From left to right is the microphone Followed by the USB C port and the listener's speakers, the loud sound has the same bass.

On the other side is the power button and volume adjustment. The button position is correct. Regardless of holding the left (or right) hand, the button from which it is moved is not shaken, not loosened

Specification within the user interface and use

Huawei Nova 4 The box now is EMUI 9.0.1 with the first Android 9 Foot. In terms of user experience, Huawei does not have much to adjust from its original appearance.

But the management system that works on the back Including graphical performance like the Turbo GPU which has been updated to be more efficient in this model that uses Kirin 970 chips. It is the main chip used with the P20 / P20 Pro. Total capacity 8GB RAM / 128GB ROM

The screen can be used for two types, it will be normal, the application will be added to the pages. Or if you still like the style of Android with the App drawer, enter a lot of applications and not clutter, then choose enable it in the settings

The various features of the EMUI toy are also available for twin applications. That we can clone applications for Social, like Facebook, Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp. There are AppAssistant that support the setting of Accelerate graphics and misuse alerts during the game.

And you can also adjust the color tone of the screen if the colors are cool or as white or yellow tones. Even if it's a Punch Display screen, it still feels like the camera is cluttering the screen. There is an option to open a black fill bar.

User interface issues and general usage still do not encounter any strange problem. Overall, the flow is good. Circuits Kirin 970 seem to be fine tuning to work with Android 9 because now it is almost always updated. Models, whether P20 / P20 Pro and Mate 10 Pro

Screen unlock can be selected. This is good for facial scanning or fingerprint scanning Personally, I like to open both, emphasizing comfort.

4G / WiFi network connection

Nova 4 Supports the use of 2 SIM, can open Dual Vo 4G / VoLTE and has VoWiFi support. As for connecting to WiFi, it can be both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Performance and gameplay

The story that many people are wondering and asked to come across is the Punch Display screen. What is it like when playing games? Are there any buttons in the game?

You can answer without thinking Because I tried, haha ​​That definitely covers. But its position is considered a problem in many games or if it is still able to cover Because the camera hole is not too large And the touch screen sensor The camera is still working. In the test, you can comfortably open PUBG in HDR HD and also open Ultra Framerate.

The ROV is the most open. But in high frame rate mode, if not open the AppAssistant or the game mode, the frame rate will be around 50fps And running around this game, almost all games have dropped, but the average is not less than 40fps , but if AppAssistant is on, the game will run at 60fps, and for those who like to play Fortnite, Huawei Nova 4 supports loading Come play comfortably, smooth and smooth but still do not play well. How to go, then die suddenly

As for the in-app test scores like Antutu, it came out in 191826. The memory score was UFS, read, write fast.

The sensors for reproduction of AR and VR come complete with accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope.

GPS takes a long time to scan. If the sky is dropped, the chip can pick up up to 20 satellites.

But tested for the test Do not forget to try to see the history of DRM.This work is no longer a surprise.Because the problem Widvine DRM L3 Netflix HD not yet waiting for more solutions.Ask Huawei is waiting to update with the development team in China is similar to whether the new version 4 will support Widevine L1 or not (waiting for updates).

Huawei New Camera 4

Let's start with the 3 rear cameras of this model first. The main sensor used to record images is 20MP resolution and works with 2MP cameras that are used to make Bokeh images or capture depth. The Ultra Wide lens camera has a resolution of 16MP. The model in the 48MP camera, Huawei Thailand says Not imported (See Exclusive is sold only in China)

The main 20 megapixel camera probably does not mention much. Wait to see the photos in the gallery. But the Ultra Wide lens camera was requested by some people to say that it is Autofocus of the experiment, as is the fixed focus. Touching the screen will adjust the exposure or the brightness only. But not adjusting the focus

Another question is the edge of the image, is it crooked? According to the principle, it needs to be deformed, but Huawei uses the software to help narrow the image. And stretching, bending or stretching the image to look a little straighter So the photos are not as wide as the pictures we took. And we are unable to take full-frame photos because the AI ​​has been cut completely As for the image, if the light is a little, it starts with the same gelatin, which is not good just for the main camera.

Pro mode is only compatible with the main 20 MP camera, you can not use the Ultra Wide camera, try pressing it and selecting it.

Sample photos of Huawei Nova 4 rear camera

The front camera of the Huawei Nova 4 The highlight is the HDR Pro mode. The front of the screen does not disappear. No matter how light or back it can Take a selfie to complete the composition As for the pictures of the blurred background, the single camera is still well made. But you should choose to open the Bokeh in the lower right corner too otherwise the background will not be blurred.

Overall, it is considered better to shoot. The resolution is sharper on the screen when pointing. But the problems encountered are similar. With many people complaining since the P20 and earlier versions It is not able to photograph a new face although the beauty has been reduced to 0 and the page is still a bit flat And a little whiter Also called beauty, open to a certain level (That this is like people)

Sample images from the front camera Huawei Nova 4

As for anyone who wants to have too much light in front of it Still not bright enough or would like to adjust the angle It can be used to reproduce various illumination and illumination effects.Note from the above image, the angle of the light that enters the face is not the same as I try to change the lighting effect continuously.

(As for video footage, waiting for a YouTube review clip, it will be posted for no more than 1-2 days)

Battery life and battery life

Battery Huawei Nova 4 It has a capacity of 3750 mAh for those who use it for 1 day. Because from the experiment, playing both social games, playing a little, the night of the battery still remains about 20-30% (a few days, not playing, the battery is almost 40%). That I tested until the machine came out at about 2% and spent the time to recharge 100% to 100 – 110 minutes or about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Specification Huawei Nova 4

  • 6.4-inch IPS LCD screen, Full HD + resolution (2310 x 1080)
  • CPU: Kirin 970
  • GPU: Mali-G72
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Capacity: 128GB
  • 3 rear cameras: 16MP + 20MP + 2MP
  • Front Camera: 25MP
  • Sensor: Fingerprint (back), accelerometer, proximity, compass
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / a, dual band, WiFi Direct, hotspot
  • With 3.5 mm headphone hole
  • Battery: 3750 mAh, supports charging of 9V / 2A 18W
  • Android 9.0 system covered by EMUI 9.0.1
  • Launch color: Blue Crush Blue, Black Black
  • Starting price 16,990 baht

From the judgment Huawei Nova 4 Considered as another smartphone of the New family that can be well developed Respond to all the games that the Kirimn 970 chip has. Works well + GPU Turbo. Watch movies on a large 6.4-inch screen. Listen to music has 3.5 headphone slots for those who like the convenience of Connect headphones As for the price of 16,990 baht, it is said that there are few competitors on the market at the moment, but many people tend to come up against each other, which it is likely to be the Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 Pro brothers at a reduced price. Get close enough That compared to each other Nova 4 It is most notable in many ways

Compare Huawei Nova 4 with older models like P20 / P20 Pro

  • Screen Huawei New 4 larger
  • The Punch Display screen has plenty of display space.
  • Nova 4 has 8 GB of RAM
  • New 4 front camera has a resolution of 25 million pixels.
  • New 4 camera with Ultrawide lens
  • New has 3.5 headphone slots
  • New 4 camera rear photos still can not fight the P20 / P20 Pro.

The large screen, the freshness of the Punch Display, has 8GB of RAM along with an Ultrawide rear camera that captures images in a wide view. The P20 / P20 Pro seems even inferior in many ways but has a distinctive feature of The Camera rear that the image quality of the sensor is still better Nova 4 Whatever option you choose, try asking yourself.


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