New – Davika received a relationship, not progressing, without a plan for Valentine.


On February 5 at Fountain Square, King Power, the stable, the famous heroine New – Davika Horne Participate in the special highlight show at the opening ceremony "King Power Chinese New Year of 2019 The Total Happiness Harmony" After the interview In the image of sweetness with the young De-i Chuck Make fans the best for your status to progress. And clarify the subject Stunning water The personal manager left to clarify via Twitter. After the news, the young heroine was approached as mentor to The Face.

Sweet couple But refused to promote the drama

Happy Love Does it look sweet with Uncle De?
"Happy, good drama"

Did I see that there was a fair waistline?
"Oh, the drama is a picture of the theater department and everyone is fun. Take turns taking pictures of everyone It's in the drama Now I'm going to love each other Miriam and the degrees will love each other. has long been in love with the drama. "

Can you use images in real life?
"Promoting drama (laughs)"

Now we love each other, right?
"Look at each other."

How does the relationship now progress?
"It's the same We see each other continuously."

This time we were sweeter?
"New, probably because of the drama.We work together, people saw the photo because we also promote the drama.The drama has to be promoted."

New, looking at it, it looks like nets?
"New, I do not know how, but before the big brother, he's always like this.

Status now?
"I keep on studying, how we just met, not how long it takes time."

How long would the fans expect?
"Uncle and monkey are here.I can twist."

Close to the boyfriends Do we have any plans?
"New Valentine works Old Dee did not have to ask him.He did not see.But again, see that the new day is working"

Do you want to surprise him?
"No, Valentine is a good day." He secretly gained nothing, if anyone, well, asked if this year was special than normal every year? Usually, the fans do not know what the uncle is going to give. Do you like a surprise? Actually, I like it, be a surprise to anyone.Not just a person Really new, I found many surprises of people.New, happy, timed for friends to do. "

Want to do something amazing?
"A new surprise is not good, but he should be surprised."

Do you want to be a fan?
"It's a new day of the week, it's a day of work, not the best expectation (laughs)"

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Before that, there was news that we were getting ready to be a Face mentor, but Khun Kao Klao, the manager came out to clarify via Twitter?
"Yes, new. See Khun Klao and explain."

Are you confused by this stream of news?
"As the new name, there will already be many things, as I said, that there is no conclusion.Thank you for all to think.You want to be new like"

You did not have a proposal, did you?
"I'm still young but I do not know the way Can you call to find Khun Klao Ask if you want to be If it's really being addressed New to practice a lot with being a mentor It's new, so keep this list I always I thought it was a really fun thing to do, but if we let it go, we thought it would be very difficult, probably other people should be more appropriate, we want to be a good audience, it's the next fan club. "

Do you think the picture is over if you have to fight Raisin Melini?
"Do not you dare to think. I do not know how to survive if you're a rat."

Why should Kao Klao clarify?
"There must be people asking Where do I read on Twitter Phi Klao said someone called"

Called this year is not ready if approached as a mentor

If next year is ready?
"Give us new, train yourself more than before Because there are still many things We are not good enough We do not dare to teach anyone We asked that we be better than before But thank you for thinking again"

Need to collect the experience from abroad again?
"If there is a good opportunity, I want to go do this year, I have to fly abroad again. But still walking now This month should be traveling."
Thanks to AIG's photos. : Davikah Terchantavit


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