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Such matters are due to In the case of film director and writer "Yuttana Mukdahan", share news of a website on Facebook. This presents the story of "Associate Professor Dr. Kovitwong Surawat," the father of the young host "John Winyu" and commented the news that "How is the father?" The child is still Hate Johnny.The idea was so tight it could be called a fool. Today I saw this news, even if it was something like that. "

After that, the famous singer "Joe Nuevo" or Mr. Jirayus Wattanasin came to join the post, referring to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kovitwong Surawat, the father of "John Winyu" What did you do for the country? As a result, netizens unearth the story of Prof. Charoenwattana Sin, father of "Joe Nuevo", as president of the Badminton Association of Thailand. And posted an attack message on "New Joe" continuously

Reporters reported that All Day Yesterday Someone posted a critique of "Joe Nuevo" and the hashtag #Joe Nuvo, the # 1 trend of Twitter in Thailand. In addition, the reporter tried to contact "Jo Nuevo" to ask about this, but can not contact Mr. Yuthana This came out to open the question Removed the post successfully

As Prof. Charoenwattana Sin posted a message via Twitter, clarifying the case in social media. By stating that He is a world-class national team athlete who serves the 11-year-old nation by receiving royal purses from royalty. Go study in England Royal Wedding Ceremony for me as the Association President Graciously Support the badminton industry in Thailand therefore will never do the harm he did or accused. Honest people around the world, he knows the truth well. "

In addition, netizens have posted a suggestion to report the matter, since Prof. Charoen wrote a short message that "forces the legal department to proceed".

Last! Gen Brig Thong Thong Kong, Director of Crown Hospital And founder "Landfill Collector Organization" shared postings via Facebook, gold coins. Firmly encouraging Joe New by attaching the #SaveJoeNuvo hashtag

While Pol.Gen, Siriwat Dopor, Deputy Director of Pol.Lt.Co., has revealed that the subject has not yet entered the composition of the Computer Crime Act, but may be subject to slander if John Winyoo's father entered indictment. However, to remember the compliments, if you post messages that cause harm to anyone, you can be notified of the process as well.

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