Nanmeebooks released the book Animal Miracle The Crime of Grindelwald by JK Rowling


Nanmee Books, publisher of the magical book of animals The crime of Grindelwald Original script And the tales of the greatest beetle of the poet Illustrations of 4 colors JK Rowling Ready to host an exciting opening event, welcoming the nomenclature and bundles to join the magical world of magical activities. The event was honored by special guests. Talking to an agent boyfriend fans of Harry Potter and the people behind the site is respectable. Continue with an interview to open your mind. Saeng Sinchai, editor and Khun Ploy Jones, who translates the work and interest of both books Next, shrugged with the cast of the movie Animal miracle The crime of Grindelwald Khun Apinan Teeranantakun, New Stamander voice actor and Angkhana Phan Prathip, the voice actor Tina Goldstein, joined the live show during the event and ended with the launch of a special project "20th Thai Harry Potter," which welcomed the 20th anniversary of book publishing. Harry Potter in Thailand, which will also be celebrated in 2020.

Kim Jong Sathitwattana, CEO of Nanmee Books, said, "Nanmee Books as publisher is very proud to bring this sequel to the screenplay." The Crime of Grindelwald Mati, printed in the Thai version Along with the tales of the poet's biggest beetle Edition Kris Riddell, the owner of the Kate Greenaway award, has been published three times. Both books are guaranteed to be entertaining by JK Rowling, who believes the fans are not disappointed, which also paves the way for a big party for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

Dr. Ananda Eiamratanasanti Or Amos, age 12 Study at the Suankularb School Wittayalai Thon said: "I like Harry Potter very much, read all 7 books, have fun and feel very significant.What a wonderful story of animals Speaks- "I do not know if there's a movie script or a movie script, but I do not think it's going to happen. I want to be involved in activities that do not disappoint, I am very entertaining, each base uses the contents of the book as an activity.It is a very good creation that allows us to learn that Books in addition to useful readings can also be extended to a variety of activities, and even more astonished to hear that next year we will see the cover of Harry's book, Potters designed by the Thais are even more exciting. "

15-year-old Bonus Komkham or Nong Bonus, who study at the Wat Don Kai Di Municipal School, revealed that "watching movies about magical animals from the first part causing interest in the magical world today I intend to attend this event because he wants to open the world But when I try to read Harry Potter and the like, and even more fantastic animal by alluding to the imaginative story of a more colorful magical world, I can not end it. our imagination very well. "

Animal Miracle The Crime of Grindelwald Original Screenplay, Second Screenplay, Continuation of Fantastic Creatures and Residence Movie of the Year were Harry "Newt's Worth Worth, Durban," Fantastic Animals and The New Forest Fleur Bag. It will take you on a trip to Paris to meet a beautiful new magical animal. As the magical world is becoming increasingly divided, the great war begins in this sector.

The Tales of Beedle, the Bard original illustrations, color 4 Fairy 5 Fun 5 of 5 flavors are well known in the magical world of Harry Potter tells Tales of Beedle, the Bard book is a collection of fairy tales. Classics of the world, magicians, children, wizards, all have to grow up with these tales. When Muggle kids show up with Cinderella or Snow White Comes with beautiful 4-color illustrations, a whole new design

You can follow the fun in the magical world Posted by Distributed by Nanmee Books Co., Ltd., Marvel Creatures The crime of Grindelwald Original script at 395 baht And the story of the poet's Bildle, a four-color illustration, costs 1,950 baht Available in store of glasses and leading bookstores throughout the country. Or order via and or Nanmeebooks Call Center 02-662-3000 press 0


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