"Municipal School 1, Songkhla Province" contested the battle for "Chang Junior Cup 2019"


Chang International Co., Ltd. by "Elephant Brand Drinks" together with King Power Group, Molten (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Boot Room Clothing Company Limited by Ari Sports Brand Create a way to a dream With most of the competition youth football Model under the age of 13, "Chang Junior Cup 2019", dream plane tickets Dream with England at the end of September.

On May 5, 2019, the main stadium of the city, the southern region (Phru Bat), Songkhla province, competed in the qualifying stage "Chang Junior Cup 2019" of the South Zone Final. With Mr. Thawat Muangphin, Manager Sales Events No. 8, Chang International Co., Ltd. together with Mr. Suwit Prangchan, Project Manager, ThaiBev Thai Talent Youth Football, ThaiBev Public Company Limited by Elephant Brand Beverage And Honor Guests Visit the competition

By the competition "Chang Junior Cup 2019" qualifying zone, the south zone, the fourth field in the final match It is a meeting of "Municipality 1 school, Ueng Samakkhee school, Songkhla province" found "school of Thepthit Sueksa Suratthani Province" game over. No team scored a goal to finish 0-0. And it is the county school team 1, Unity sound, Songkhla who is more accurate, beat the penalty by 4-1 to win the championship. Get a cup with scholarships And compete in the Chang Junior Cup 2019, Thailand Championship Round This June To find a single champion To win the right to fly to England, best practice in England and Leicester City, total duration for a week

For the "Chang Junior Cup 2019" competition, the next round of the East Zone will compete between May 17 and 19, 2019 at the Municipal Stadium of Chachoengsao, Chachoengsao province

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