Mother joins cast members and cast in the entertainment industry to win "Sangkhan" – recent news


It has been said that wiring continues to receive awards. To the director. And actors in the historic film series. "Sri Ayutthaya" TrueVisions, TrueVue and TrueId are leading the way. Mummy – MTV Troupey Award of the award ceremony (Sangkhan). "Good person of the year" Awards & Reviews "Quality of the year" Organized by the Thailand Press Federation (Public Sector Media Organization) You can punch. The honor of you. Mr. Ampol Senaarong Private Counselor, on the 9th, presided over the ceremony and the winner.The winners are as follows:

Promoting Prominent Religion Supanat Aitthawat, President of the Sangha Foundation

Featured Arts and Theater Momentum – ML Thunyawat Devakula, director and actor of the historic film series. If Ayutthaya does not channel True Vision, True True and True, Ananda Everett (Best Actor), Khun Nij Jirikorn (Best Actress, James Ruangsak (Honorary Actor), Tog Bongkot, Chedi, Papaya Thongthinan, Jirawit Hut, Amen and Brother Bus Awards in the field Best Original Series of Sri Ayudhya Film in collaboration with Somsang Warisan, Executive Director DJ Video Productions Co., Ltd., gift-Suppachai Srisawat actor "The Wizard of Spells" on Channel 7HD

Exceptional art and culture Manohra Wichian Sorachai egg, Tawak Kaewboonnong, field manager ParaHat and Southern Rubber School

Exceptional social contribution Dr. Taveesak Pochangpanit, Managing Director of Pasak Village Co., Ltd., Dr. Varodom Sirisuk, Director of Production of IPM TV Co., Ltd., Mr. Supichaya Paitoon, Executive Director of Diamondbed Co., Ltd. PD Miss Grand Nakornsawan 2019 And the organizer of the IPM channel "star dye light", We-Thep Sathit Kulok. Lord of Workers Thailand2018 The hero of the drama Red Cliff Lady and the series love the unlimited definition.

Featured executives and developers Prapasorn Kulsuwan, theater director "Public" IPM and mattress management The Winners 2003, Mattress Orange Co., Ltd.peels of sleep) The Logistics of Victor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Featured Business Administration Nantaporn Diamonds Black Product Management In the Public Relations Club (Public Relations Department) Soi Ari passed.


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