‘Modern’ to launch a Covid Use vaccine worldwide


October 30, 2020


‘Modern’, the US pharmaceutical giant Get ready to launch the COVID-19 Use vaccine worldwide

Moderna, an American biotechnology company It was revealed on Thursday (29/10) that the company is preparing to launch a new vaccine against coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide.

“We are preparing for the launch of the mRNA-1273 (mRNA-1273) vaccine and have signed several purchase agreements with governments around the world,” said Stefan Bansel, CEO. Declared in the declaration

Bansel said that in addition to the fully registered Phase 3 vaccine study, Bansel said. Currently, the company has 4 more projects in the second phase of the research.

“The company follows the highest standards of data quality and rigorous scientific research. And continue to work with regulators to develop the MRNA-1273 vaccine, “said Bansel.

On October 22, the Phase III study of the MRNA-1273 vaccine was completed with 30,000 participants, with 37% of the participants came from different community groups.

However, the results of Phase 1 Interim Analysis, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, indicated on July 14. This in general Vaccine MRNA-1273 Resistant to side effects well in all age groups. It also induces a rapid and strong immune response to the new corona virus.


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