[Match Report] Sailboat Asthma Catch! Cesus Sudthong Phakhais dizzy Brighton 1-0 through FA Cup


FA Cup 2018/19 Semi-finals

Manchester City 1 to 0 Brighton

Wembley Stadium

Gabriel's tone from the door from the start of the game is enough for Manchester City to have a chance to win all four cups this season after beating Brighton and Hove Albion by 1 to 0 Entering the final of the FA Cup

Gabriel Jesus, Mathew Ryan

Pep Guardiola held a full game at Wembley, and they only took 4 minutes to score a goal when Kevin De Brigne opened the scoring. Through the hands of Matthew Ryan, Tung Nets

The game later became a City Sense game that dominated the game but was unable to penetrate more goals before Kyle Walker had a clash with Ali Riachan Bunch after being added. And the yellow card was both. Pep decided to immediately remove the right temperament from the field at the end of the interval.

In the second half of the battle, the seagulls attempted to attack and blink clearly. Before the moment at the end of the game will be theirs, as long as the city has a rhythm of gardening. Many times, but until no more doors

The blue sailboat awaited the final match to be held on May 18, with the winner between Watford and Wolverhampton.

List of players from both teams

Manchester City: Adairon, Walker, Mendy, La Porta, Otamendi, Gundoan, Silva, De Broy, Bernardo, Sterling, Chezus

Backup: Murish, Danilo, Stones, Zane, Fannan Dino, Mahrez, Foen

Brighton: Ryan, Montoya, Duffy, Dunk, Bernardo, Stephens, Property, Missouri, Knokart, Murray, Jahanbuk Chatch

Backup: Batton, Bruno, Bon, Berne, Or, Locusta, Andone Island


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