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Light! Spouses use the same rope Tied the neck hanging in the forest Mother reveals love Do not believe in suicide

Light! Spouses use the same rope Tied the neck hanging in the forest Mother reveals love Do not believe in suicide

On January 30, the embassy in Kalang Nakorn, Muang District, Lampang, was informed of the death of two dead men in the desert, adjacent to the cassava planting. Ban Huai Lo Subdistrict, Moo 2, Chomphu Subdistrict, Muang District, Lampang Province Science Officer Evidence Evidence Center of Lampang, Lampang Medical Center, Lampang Hospital And staff of Amarin Rescue Association inspected

From then on, Colonel Sopon Pholkanatha, Khalang Nakhon police station, Colonel Pinitnate Panyakarn, deputy director of the Office of the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand. Peng Sinrong, investigated together to travel to the scene. The entrance is a dirt road. Away from the main road for about 3 miles, two sides of the path are desolate forests. And it has manioc plantations Go inside and find 2 deaths, 1 male and 1 female, with the same brown nylon rope tied to the tree branch. Female funeral condition Body hanging Feet above the ground Wearing a pink sweater Red shorts While the masculine side is behind Feet to the ground Face back, no shirt, but black pants Funeral conditions begin to harden It is expected that at least 12 hours

Initially, the examining officer checked the surrounding area. To collect evidence Before allowing rescue personnel to pick up the body to perform an autopsy The results of the examination did not find the secondary furrows of the aggression. I only found the rope around my neck. Therefore, brought the corpse to the medical examiner, Lampang Hospital to perform a complete autopsy again

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Later, Ms. Phetra Wongphabut, 47, Ubon Ratchathani province showed as the mother of a dead man who said that the dead were 23-year-old Mr. Charanthathanakon Wongphabut and a woman named Mrs. Thippawan Chimchum, 23 years old. Ubon Ratchathani And being husband and wife That his family worked for cassava in Lampang Province many years ago

Mrs. Petwa said they both loved each other well. No fighting Or there is an event that causes suicide That both people disappeared the night of January 29, saying that they would go out and buy things for their children Driving the truck away And did not return to the lodge again until the morning He tried to contact with the phone and did not respond. So, asking for help from the same family of relatives who came to work for the yucca Helping each other to meet all day Until someone found their son's truck parked in the key Near the cassava plantation And came to see the bodies of the two men tied To death Personally, I do not believe my son and daughter-in-law are dead.

The police are under investigation. That will summon the relatives and those involved to conduct a full investigation again To find the next clear cause

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