Let's park for a moment !! The car thief, the front of the Phaya Thai Satun team disappeared in front of |


Let's park for a moment !! The car villain, the front staff of the Satun Sorcerer disappeared in front of Along with the notice of social negligence, may not be lucky

April 4, 2019, at approximately 10:30 am Pol.Lt.Gen.Suphawat Thapklao, Police Officer, Satun Police Station, Pol. Satun, Pol.Lt.C. Sinchai, Lueklai, Ph.D., MPO, Satun, Lieutenant-Colonel Pasitaka Teang, Deputy Deputy Director Satun Lieutenant Colonel Abhisit Padukaswas

Commissioned and assigned to the Satun Police Station, consisting of Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Chukri Nung, Apsilis, Lieutenant General Chaiwat Hatchan, Dr. Lt. Gen. Likit Attached Nad, R., Preecha Sanri, Lieutenant General Kittisak Thiamkaew, Lieutenant General Kittita DeInd., Naris Pakadad Subdistrict, Rungroj Kamsanand. Sittidet Duangsong, Wittaya Subdistrict Wat Sen, Sattasak Chotiman, Sat. Chachanin Panle and Satan Panudet Baang Daeng, Moo. Satun Police Station, Satun Province Extracting the Criminals

After receiving notification In front of Doctor Yothin Clinic, Satun Thani Road, Phiman Subdistrict, Muang District, Satun Province, Mr. Porncha Rodnakrase, "Car Owner" (soccer player Kadensa Satun United) called to report the incident to the center. Dr. Satun said he was driving a red Suzuki vehicle, registering Krabi 1661, to park in front of the Doctor Yothin Clinic, where the victim had left the car and entered the clinic. Without turning off the engine While the victim is in the clinic I saw Mr. Chaiya Sinthusang (the real family name later). He therefore called to inform the police about the car and follow him.

Later, when the arrested policemen were notified. Therefore, report to the supervisor to recognize and organize the police force to closely monitor In ordering the extraction of all the routes that the villain expected to address Meanwhile, there is a blocking area in the Khuan Don area. But the villain Mr. Chaiya drove the car that stole the lock and tried to escape. The officer fired, drawing him to the wheel of the car and to the body of the car to stop the villain.

But the villain still tried to flee Before driving to leave the area at the Rung Arun Witthayanusorn School, Khuan Kalong district, fleeing to go to Ban Khuan Boat, Moo 10, Thung Nui Sub-district. Until he found the accused was fleeing Within the village of Khuan Street

From prison He asked the accused to confess that the name of Mr. Chai Sinthusang is the person who had stolen this car. And escaped until he was arrested The authorities, therefore, arrested the offense. When questioning the accused, Chaiya admitted that while he was walking around the scene Saw the red Suzuki car registered at the Ministry of Transportation in 1661. The car parked in the car There were no people inside the car So he went up and ran and ran away until he was arrested. While imprisoned, he discovered that Mr. Chaiya's condition accused him of being drunk

Mr. Porncha Rodnakrase (soccer player, Kadensa Satun United, owner of the car) acknowledges that unexpected events will happen to himself. Because a few minutes Where he left the car for a while to get the documents in the clinic Back, the car went away. Then hastily and consciously contacted the police to help follow up immediately The police worked very fast to extract the criminals. For the cause, around 10:30 am, you can return the car around 2.30 pm and arrest the accused

I'd like to remind everyone that if they do not know each other, just a fraction of a minute, if we stop the engine and lock the car, that will not happen. Thanks to all the cops and all the stations that helped capture him.

Phongphat Leungnui, president of Kadensa Satun United (Pha Nee Satun), said he would like the car to be recovered by soccer players as an example. Remember all the football players And the general public Including myself Because you may not have the same luck as my players who get the car back Because every police department, every division, expressway and car Thank you and requesting to be one warning event for all people in society so do not underestimate each time you park. Could be the target of criminals


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