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Bangkok – November 19 – Total Quality PR

OPPO, a leading smartphone brand, today announced the latest version of the OPPO R17 Pro with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon (TM) 710 chipset in Southeast Asia. The Snapdragon 710 will be available from November. And the first time OPPO will launch a new R-series smartphone for the region.

The new Snapdragon 700 chipset is based on 10nm architecture and octa-core architecture including Qualcomm (R), Kryo (360) CPU, Qualcomm (R) Adreno TM) 616 GPU (Qualcomm SpectraTM 250 ISP) Hexagon (TM) 685 DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and Retractable Modem X15 LTE Features Based on the Snapdragon 800 chipset, Snapdragon 710's leading mobile platform has improved the performance of AI applications such as camera, monitor, connectivity, and drums. To help users enjoy high-end Android smartphones.

Snapdragon 710's premium feature enhances the mobile experience and helps you solve situations. Gently It also supports high-end cameras. Up to high-speed AI processing. And longer battery life This new chipset allows the camera to process images in low light conditions. Reduce noise in the image. Snapdragon 710 comes with the Qualcomm (R) AI Engine, a multi-core processor that improves processor performance. Allows users to take and share photos or videos. contextually conscious Easily It also has advanced voice and speech functions for a more natural interaction. Connect faster with the Snapdragon X15 LTE chip on the Snapdragon 710 chip. It has download speeds of 800 Mbps and uploads of 150 Mbps. It also improves power efficiency compared to the Snapdragon 660 chip. Video playback of games and 4K HDR up to 40% and up to 20% energy savings when streaming video. Overall, the Snapdragon 710 chip boosts CPU performance by up to 20%, GPU performance by up to 35%, and application launch speeds by up to 15%. Reduces overall power consumption by up to 30% compared to Snapdragon 660 chips.

Performance of the Snapdragon 710 chip compared to the Snapdragon 660 chip.

According to an IDC survey. Marketing research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) today said that OPPO is the second largest smartphone market in South America, especially the R17 Pro, which comes with a powerful chip like the Snapdragon 710 that should make the OPPO. Diffused throughout Southeast Asia.

"QUALCOMM Technologies has a long standing relationship with OPPO and we are committed to investing in and developing new products.With innovative technology.Southeast Asia is one of the most competitive markets in the world.And we are thrilled to be part of this exciting moment.We see that the Snapdragon 710 is a chip that has made changes in the market like never before.And it enhances the overall performance of the OPPO R17 Pro with the technology and features.Uniquely available to our premium mobile platform customers.This performance will allow users to take advantage of state-of-the-art Android smartphones, "said Kadar Conard, vice president of product management at Qualcomm. Technologies Inc.

"The introduction of the R Series phones in Southeast Asia is an important step for Oppo. Southeast Asia is one of our strongest markets, and we are confident that the R17 Pro will be another great product that will demonstrate innovation and leadership in the industry of OPPO handsets and we will continue to offer state-of-the-art phones. Industry is a great photography experience, "said Jimmy Yi, president of Oppo Southeast Asia.

Since the OPPO launched the R Series in 2013, there are now about 100 million people in the family, the OPPO has been well received over the years. According to statistics from market research firm Counterpoint, in 2016 the R9 is the best-selling Android smartphone in China. Research Analytics Market Research reported that OPPO sold 8.9 million R9 and had a 3% market share in the first quarter of 2017. In addition, in 2017 Counterpoint also reported that R11 is the number 1 smartphone in the world in less than a month, and OPPO continues to inspire young people around the world. An important part of this success. attention to

About OPPO

OPPO is a leading global smartphone brand. The focus is on products with a combination of art. New technologies and OPPO innovations Bring the world of digital delight to consumers. The elements of the brand are inspired by the new generation, modernity and beauty.

Over the past 10 years, OPPO has focused on developing innovative photography with mobile phones. While image mobile phones are constantly evolving with new technologies, OPPO is entering the era of the perfect mobile phones. It is the first brand to launch a 5MP and 16MP front smartphone and is the first brand to launch a camera phone with an integrated Ultra HD camera with Dual Camera technology that can rotate and zoom. And by the year 2016, OPPO has launched a new F-series smartphone that has become a modern smartphone market.

OPPO is the fourth-largest smartphone brand in the world since the year 2016, according to IDC reports. Today, OPPO deals with 31 countries and regions. And there are 6 research centers around the world, and they offer a wonderful cello experience for young people around the world.


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