Monday , July 26 2021

Launched the GoPro HERO6 Black, photographing 4K 60 fps, price 18,500 baht

The Action Cam camera market resumed when GoPro officially ships the 6th generation of cameras to the market, highlighting GP1, the new processor developed by the company for the first time. It enables you to record 4K 60 fps videos and record 1080p at 240 fps, which GoPro HERO6 Black is available for sale in Thailand immediately with the launch price of 18,500 baht

GoPro HERO6 Black, launch price of 18,500 baht

GoPro developed the HERO6 Black model to increase usability with the next-generation GP1 chipset. This increases the efficiency of color and quality photos Resulting in video resolution up to 2x the level of 4K at 60Fps (Frames Per Second) with a longer and sharper shooting distance And develop a system to help significantly reduce blur video that will be able to see the difference clearly compared to the previous model

With the GP1 chipset's ability, all performance will be lifted to the next level. What will make the video more beautiful, colorful, beautiful without complicated adjustments And also improves the ability of the display on the computer And have the best system of time analysis in the video clip To also support the intelligent system QuikStories

And make your life easier with a Wi-Fi connection. 5 GHz transfers images and video files to a computer or smartphone 3 times faster, including uploading to the cloud automatically. Easy to use with voice control, touch screen and durable design, water proof up to 10 meters, no frame

  • The newest GP1 set with the best performance.
  • Video 4K60 and 1080p240
  • Use QuikStories and GoPro App
  • Increased image stability between GoPro HERO cameras
  • Zoom from the first touch screen
  • Pull data three times faster than before with 5 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Waterproof 33 feet (10 meters)
  • Compatible with Karma and GoPro tripods
  • Maximum performance even in low light or low light conditions
  • Shooting in RAW and HDR
  • With voice control for 10 languages
  • GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity


Quik – GoPro Video Editor GoPro's intelligent video editing application makes it easy to edit. Fast and fun With how to use it, just 3 clicks, creating a perfect video Also gets new update features for QuikStories A system that can automatically select the best time for each clip. To effectively edit videos Or allow users to choose to edit the time you like, you can do

Quik comes with many features including over 80 characters, soundtracks, free downloadable songs, filters and 26 video formats to choose from. This can be downloaded to iOS and Android systems and can also connect images and videos to GoPro cameras, phones and other devices. And ready to let users share good stories In fast social networks


In the drone part Karma can be used with HERO6. Black comes with two new auto-shooting modes: "Follow" and "Watch" using GPS Follow. You can track the controller to keep users on the board at all times. The watch will allow the camera to float and rotate around. Where the controller can still be on the board There are also new features. How to have a wider camera angle and "Look Up", which allows the camera to tilt up Can use new features today via firmware updates

  • Compatible with HERO6 Black
  • Follow – according to Karma controls, control the shot for you in shock.
  • Watch – Let Karma control be in the frame between floating.
  • Cable Cam – Set up to 10 dots for complex photography.
  • Look Up Tilt – Allows the camera to face up to shoot on top.

New accessories

  • Short Portable cable and stand Suitable for all situations
  • The manipulator New floating hand grips Easier to mount than ever
  • Monte + Floaty Bite Easy-to-use and versatile camera mounts. To get the vision you want

GoPro HERO6 Black will be sold at a price of 18,500 baht, now available at and in stores worldwide for the first time in Thailand, at the Thailand Mobile Expo 2017, CM2 booth on September 29th at 10am. Officially distributed on September 30th, all resellers across the country including the Big Camera, Power Buy, Fotofile, Jay Mart, King Power, World Camera, Digital2Home, Eastbourne, dotlife and can find more information about resellers at dealers-gopro /


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