Kwan Anfal, Patrick, erased the couple's image, the fans gathered to worry about the relationship they feared.


Fans migrate to the other pair. "How do you love to stumble?" The latter noted that Kwan Usamanee You did not graduate with dear Patrick Nobility ML Sarasak Sakdidhapunphan, the successor of the Renaissance Hotel for a while and also the male fall instagram With the removal of a few pairs of images in just a few images After having been together for about 9 months

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Mae Pranee Kwan's mother revealed that they were both puzzled as normal as teenagers. But the latest news, I do not know about And said that sometimes there will be news before the news will know about it again And I did not speak to the daughter if there is any problem Personally, okay mother and nobility Patrick and okay with everyone who is dating. Children whose mother is not in conflict. But the love of a teenager has a few touches.

However, Kwan Kwan came away with an open mind that Really touched But not a serious matter.

However, many people are concerned about this pair of supermodels Aphatcharaphan Anophas, before finally announcing the relationship.

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