KTAM sends 5% trigger for Thai shares, "TISCO" expects to drop 1,600 points – Vee Asset Management, China shares


HoonSmart.com >> Shares close to the lowest level, Krung Thai Asset Management keeps Thailand's stock down. Send triggers to the stock market, target 5% in 6 months. See the goal at the end of the year 1,760 points, "TISCO Asset Management" waiting to assess the situation, the index fell to 1,600 points of interest. Interesting Trigger issue for sales, target of 6% in 6 months at Siam Commercial Bank. This week global stocks are expected to remain volatile. The stock market index is close to 1,600 points, and there is strong buying power to help support.

Ms. Chanida Hanratanakul, Managing Director Krung Thai Asset Management (KTAM) said that since the beginning of the year, the SET index has soared to a peak of 1,682 points and dropped from external factors. This is worried about the world economy There will be a slowdown due to trade conflicts between the United States and China, resulting in the index dropping to 1,600 points. For the opening of the Krung Thai Trigger Fund 1 (KT-TRIG1) for sale from today until May 23, 2019, the minimum investment is 1,000 baht.

Chindada Hanratanakul

The fund aims to generate a 5% return within the six-month period, focusing on investing in equity securities, fixed income deposits as prescribed by the SEC Office. The fund manager will adjust the proportion of the investment from 0% to 100% of the net asset value of the fund. To be suitable for every situation De Krung Thai Asset Management Looking at the target of the SET index this year from the fundamentals at 1,740 points.

Mr. Saharat Chatsuwan, chief marketing officer and investment advisor TISCO Asset Management has revealed that the outlook for the Thai stock market in the near term is still difficult to predict. Due to both foreign factors The situation between the US and China There is still uncertainty and market pressure. While the Thai government establishment still does not see the photo What triggers the tooth is still interesting If the index falls below the support level of 1,600, it will consider issuing funds.

"We look at the side not yet open.Who should usually have 8% or more of advantage, that the market now seems difficult We do not rush to issue Thai shares.If it is down fast or down 1,600 points, it is interesting. For the long term, TISCO Asset Management still maintains the target index later this year at 1,750 points, "said Saharat.

Saharat Chatsuwan

Ms. Nittaya Lertsaengpetch, Product Manager and Channel V Asset Management Company, KTB Securities (Thailand) or KTBST, said that VIE has opened the first offering (IPO). V China Open Fund 6M (WECHINA6M) May 27-29, 2019. The fund focuses on investing in ETFs that have a policy to invest in China. In industries that are growing and benefiting from economic stimulus measures such as financial institutions and property groups and construction groups Setting a return target of 6% in 6 months

Issara Puttansri, chief investment officer, VIE, revealed that although the Chinese economy and the Chinese stock market are affected by trade disputes with the United States, Vee Asset Management estimates that the Chinese economy will receive little impact due to the government's economic measures that help mitigate the effects of

In addition, when considering the fundamentals of Chinese stock market, one can see that Higher Chinese stock market index Still anticipating earnings growth per share At a good level, the A-share market index is expected to grow at 17.02% in relation to the previous year. While the H-Share market index is expected to grow by 5.59% over the same period last year, including the Hang Seng index, which is expected to slow slightly by -0.90% over the same period last year. But it is expected to grow steadily in the next 6 months and is a good time for investment

In addition, the basic stock market price is considered at an affordable level compared to the past. Due to the price that has fallen a lot since last year Currently, the A-share index has a P / E level of 13.3 times, the H-Share index and the Hang Seng index have a P / E level of 8.7 times and 10.8 times, respectively.

The Siam Commercial Bank Expected this week Global stock markets tend to float. It received pressure from the US-China trade dispute. The stock market is still at risk of falling. If unable to agree And China issued additional measures to combat the US, in addition to concerns about the issues of Brexit, but oil prices And energy stocks should increase due to concerns about the tight supply of oil After the tension in the Persian Gulf is bigger

Factors observed this week are economic numbers, including 1Q19 GDP in Japan, euro zone consumer confidence index, Federal Reserve meeting minutes, Thai-Japanese exports and imports, purchasing managers index. Manufacturing of the US, eurozone and Japan, Japan's consumer price index Including major events, including the progress of trade issues between the United States-China, European Council elections, the selection of the chairman of the council And the president of the Thai Senate

Stock markets on May 21, the stock market index fell to a low of 1,602.56 points before closing at 1,610.49 points, plus 2.38 points, with a total trading value of 50.396 million baht with strong purchasing power. Led by commercial banks, hospitals and Siam Cement (SCC) companies helped push the market to nearly 10 points while still holding strong selling stocks affected by the war. E Huawei plan Pressure on electronic stocks And mobile sales companies


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