Know Tears The symptoms of tears are frequent, such as eyes, mucus, opaque, white or yellow, inflamed, swollen, red.


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News Update Saturday, June 22, 2019: Metta Pracharak Hospital (Wat Rai Khing) suggests that if there are frequent tears in the eyes, similar to sticky mucus, white or yellow, inflamed, swollen, red, swollen, consult an ophthalmologist immediately because be a condition of tears

The MedHubNEWS.COM site and the sasook report Dr. Manat Phothaporn, Deputy Director General of the Department of Medical Affairs, spoke about the condition of the tears.

It is caused by obstruction at the tip of the tear canal Can not overturn Symptoms of dizziness, frequent tears, tears

There are a lot of eye can be caused by many reasons including the lacrimal channels of the membrane. Closed at the end of the tear tube in the newborn, causing tears to come down. Tearing of eyelids due to accidents, dry eye infections

Or after surgery or radiation into the nasal cavity Such diseases can occur from newborn to adult. Elderly and in patients with allergies, if there are frequent

The eyes are similar to sticky, white or yellow mucus, inflamed, swollen, red, with pus from the lower eyelid to the eye. You should seek immediate medical attention.

Ying Sai Chin Isi Praditthat, director of Metta Pracharak Hospital (Wat Rai Khing) Added that Nature of eyes Lacrimal glands along with tears to nourish

And keeps the cornea moisturized at all times When a blink of an eye, the tears will be poured to cover the surface of the eyes. And drained in the tear canal around the eye, which has an open tip on the nose

With some evaporating in the air The lacrimal glands usually produce about 280 cc of tears per day or 113 liters per year, so if there are abnormalities in the formation or drainage of tears It will cause tears, sores or tears to call this symptom Tears, tears or tears Can be found frequently and can be found at all ages, resulting from many factors

Which of the statistics of those who were treated with tears in the disease from 2017 – 2018, there were approximately 1,734 patients

Symptoms that show there is a blockage of tears Having tears dripping For treatment, can be treated by getting the tear duct to open the tears.

If there are tears for dry eyes But if there is inflammation in the eye due to conditions of the eyelids, it enters or leaves the home in the elderly May need surgery to correct In addition, the use of contact lenses to rub the eyes does not result in tear ducts clogged.

But wearing contact lenses with tears or erectile ducts Can cause ulcers in the cornea easily Because contact lenses are porous, they accumulate bacteria

The best method of self-protection is When there is an abnormality with the eyes, immediately seek an ophthalmologist to prevent the progression of the disease.


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