KKU participates in the private development of low-uric acid chicken People are eating gums Eating healthy


KKU participates in the private development of low-uric acid chicken People are eating gums Eating healthy

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Khon Kaen University joins the private sector and Pracharat has developed a new breed of chicken that people are wide open and can eat KKU-1 with low uric acid. For famous restaurants across Thailand, 255 branches are an alternative for those who love health …

On February 27, 2019, in the meeting room, 2nd floor, Office of the President of Khon Kaen University or KKU Assoc Prof. Dr. Chanchai Phanthong, Viriyakul Acting President of Khon Kaen University or KKU presided over the signing of a memorandum of understanding to further develop research on commercial use between Assoc Prof. Dr. Monchai Duangchinda, Director of the Research and Development Center of the Breeding Network (Native Chicken) with Mr. Chatichai Kosawisut, President of the Company Pracha Rat Rak Samakkhi Khon Kaen (Social Enterprise) Co., Ltd. and Mr. Boonyong Tansakul, executive director of Zen Corporation Plc. Amid the interest of otters, academics, farmers and also those who enjoy eating chicken with low uric acid Be a witness and share many congratulations.

Associate Professor Chanchai Phanthong Viriyakun Acting Chairman of the KKU said that the native chicken KKU-1 is the result of the research of the Faculty of Agriculture, KKU, which developed a native breed of chicken. Be a new breed of chicken to meet commercial needs, especially in those who love health And in groups with gout And also want to eat chicken that chicken KKU-1 has lower uric acid content than commercial broilers in general And the most important, KKU-1 chicken has lower abdominal fat than meat sold on the market. So be a chicken that people concerned about health have turned to eat and are interested in ordering chicken products from our university a lot at the moment.

"The KKU-1 chicken has a soft texture and is suitable for the farmers of Khonkan interested in expanding the commercial.What passed Rak Samakkhi Pracha Rat Samakkhi Khon Kaen (Social Enterprise) Co., Ltd. promoted chicken breeders in the province of Khon Kaen to bring this kind of chicken to feed and sell commercially.What can sell chicken Can be dissected and eggs And more importantly, our chickens are generally more protein than broilers.And also have lower cholesterol than other chickens Therefore, is a favorite of those who like to eat chicken, especially gout patients who can go back to eating again, "said acting chairman KKU.

While Mr. Boonyong Tansakul, CEO of Zen Corporation Public Company Limited, said that KKU-1 farmers in Khon Kaen province are currently capable of producing 20,000 pieces a day. What is a group of food service companies with more than 255 branches nationwide Especially with the Tam Mook Shop This requires chicken to cook every day So support and promotion of farmers in the region And producing healthy food Using chicken KKU-1 as a food component Will be something that gives the flow of health lovers To use the service with this shop more

Chief Executive Officer of Zen Corporation said after signing the cooperation In addition to the Tam Mook restaurant, we will use KKU-1 chicken with low uric acid. People have already been eaten as a main restaurant menu. There is still a new chef's menu from the store that will start serving nationwide on March 1, which is also coming.

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