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Kinnaree Thongthong No. 5 "Exceptional Executive Branch" Model of the Thai Society Year 62

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Golden Kinnaree Awards, the project "Think well, do good, master of society", year 62, divided into 9 awards. There are 98 participants. "Dr. Thanabon" is one of the recipients of the award. In this year's executive branch

Yesterday (April 27) Dr. Thanaboworn Sirikunakornkun The president of Thanabovan 59 Company Limited received the Golden Kinnaree Award in the project "Think Good, Do Good, Master of Society", the best executive branch of the year 2019 that was carried out by the club of warm-hearted love at Lan Rananda Park Bangkok, with ML Charanphong Jaroonroj as the chairman of the awards ceremony

By Dr. Thanaboworn, said that doing business is like building a water pipe When we create a continuous and consistent flow of water pipes We will have to find another business to build a new water pipe. To manage various businesses Will choose a friend who is trustworthy To help manage the business according to each person's ability In the future the goal is to bring the Thanabon 59 Group Company Limited to the Stock Exchange. Within 5 years, there should be a stock exchange in Singapore With the company, there are mainly foreign investors. The other main goal is to make social benefits. Focusing on the development of youth in education and sport

For the work of Dr. Thanaborwon currently, he is the chairman of the group.Wowaborworn 59 Co., Ltd. engages in various types of business such as copper mining and bat dung in Laos PDR. Thai boxing school business in 12 countries around the world Holds shares in Thai Union Football Club, Samut Sakhon FC and Prof. Thanabanworn Boxing Camp

For the Golden Kinnaree Prize The event was held for 5 years and this year there were 98 beneficiaries, with 9 prizes, as prominent religious promoters. Outstanding industry Excellent Thai wisdom Prominent journalism And excellent business management etc.

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