Kasikorn reveals index KR-ECI cuts – families worried about shrinking income of unemployed


Kasikorn reveals families' economic index in April. 2562 and in the next 3 months, declining due to concerns about economic conditions and living in all dimensions If the price of products and services Expenses and liabilities And income and employment

Kasikorn Research CenterRevealed the results of the Thai economy and the preparation of the index of life (KR-ECI) in April 2019, down from 45.9 in March 2019 to 43.5 in the month. Apr 2019 because families are more concerned about their economic conditions in all dimensions Whether it is income and employment Household price of goods and services As well as expenses and responsibilities Some non-farm households worry about having a job.

Some concerns of households in the agricultural sector are concerned with declining incomes. Due to entering the rubber front and during rice growing season Causing no harvest amount to be harvested Resulting in some agricultural households with lower yield compared to the previous period While some non-farm households are more concerned about the issue of job. From the survey of living conditions of homes in April 2562 on the issue of employment situations in organizations or agencies that are under the domicile I found signs of delaying new employees and termination of employment increased from January. 2561 at 10.9 percent and 1.9 percent at 18.8 percent and 2.8 percent, respectively, consistent with the number of unemployed in April. 2562 was in 364,000 people, increased from March. 2562 out of 346,500 people

The cost and weight of household debt increased in April. 2562, mainly because of the seasonal factors that make residences more expensive. Whether it is spending on special items during Songkran Festival, such as traveling back home, etc., higher electricity costs as electricity consumption increases during summer season The price of goods and services has increased, leading the family to have more expenses. Including payment of tuition fees for children the school collects gradually before opening the new school year during the month of May. 2562, which caused some parents to borrow, pawn or borrow money from the card to increase spending on children. In addition, some families also need to apply for new loans to buy houses, cars or for investment. Increasing business in April In 2019, however, from the fiscal measures of the Ministry of Finance to promote their own housing, effective from April 30 until December 31, 2019, should help to support new loans for increased Housing since May. 2562 onwards, that the Kasikorn Research Center will monitor this issue continuously

As for the economic and living index of the household in the next 3 months, the fall for the second consecutive month of the level of 47.0 in the survey during the month of March. 2562 to the level of 45.7 in the April 2562 survey reflects the households' concerns about their own economic and living conditions in the next 3 months (May-July 2562) still exist, especially in the issue of Expenditures (Expenditures) and Levels prices of domestic products and services

As a result of this issue, the government issued measures to support the economy by mid-2019, which includes measures to help sustain the cost of living in many households. Whether it is a group of farmers Group with disabilities Including low-income groups And tax-related measures to stimulate household spending such as tax measures to promote Thai local products Tax measures to promote tourism across Thailand Or fiscal measures to promote their own habitation, etc. In addition, the government sector also issued measures to reduce the burden of fees for the transfer of property and mortgages to low- to moderate-income groups. Which of these measures should be useful and alleviate the burden of living costs of some families Families especially low income

In addition, the Kasikorn Research Center saw that the economic and living conditions of Thai households in the second half of 2019 still face many uncertainties. Whether it is a drought situation that can be a long course What should be a factor to pressure farmers' incomes and fresh food prices in the country And the global economic and trade trends that may be slowing down after the US Advertisement to increase the tax of China's import products (Import Value of 200,000 million US dollars) from 10% to 25% on May 10, 2019, which may affect the revenue and profit of foreign operators. And it can result in domestic employment.


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