Monday , October 18 2021

Jay Follow Jay and Idemitsu & # 39; Change the Northeast Arena June 16


The "Follow J and Idemitsu" project, 4th field in Khon Kaen province, rocked the football field. Northeastern University to find 12 football champions in the northeast to watch "Messi J" on the edge of the field and practice football skills with the Consorto Les Sapporo club on Sunday, June 16.

According to the Thai Athletes Foundation Collaborating with the Apollo Thai Oil Co., Ltd. ("The J and Idemitsu") to inspire young Thais aged 15 to 17 to become professional football players. And for the Thai national team, with "J" Chanathip Songkrasin, the Thai national team player and the Consadle Club, Sapporo as a model

That previously is scheduled to be selected as the 4th field, northeast, Sunday, June 16, at the football field inside the central sports stadium, Khon Kaen province, but recently the project management department was notified. From the Central Stadium team, Khon Kaen, who during that time Will not be able to use the football field Because the province will have to use the location of the event and the express activities of the province

When changing from provincial stadium You will use the Northeastern University football field instead of selecting the young Thai from the northeast region on Sunday, June 16, starting at 7am to win a flight to watch the football championship. In Japan And training with the team of the Agreed Sapporo on August 9 and 13

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