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Iron Rain "Released on April 11

Sony has announced the launch of "Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain" on the PlayStation 4 platform worldwide on April 11, which can be pre-order from today through PlayStation Store.

"Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain" shooting game Action, third-person perspective This sector is considered a separate sector of the game series EARTH DEFENSE STRENGTH The story of the game takes place on a planet that is devastating as a result of the war. Players will join the adventure with EDF forces to help save the world. With new EDF forces poised to enter the new battlefield Fight against new enemies that will make each mission even more challenging.

For those who purchase the game in the form of Initial Standard Edition, Digital Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition via PlayStation Store, Asian Zone through June 2, they will receive special items as listed below. In addition, those who pre-order Digital Edition games from today through Wednesday, April 10, 2019 will receive additional special items as well.

Special bonus for those who buy in disk format And digitally download the first batch
1. Earth Defense Force 2017 Pale
2. Top of the tank: Riho Futaba

Bonus for pre-orders
1. Custom Equipment: T-Shirt: EDF: IRON RAIN
2. Custom Equipment: One Man Army
3. Custom Equipment: Navy Uniform and Pleated Skirt
4. Limited Weapon: GK-Predator (2 types)
5. In-game currency: Credits and Gems

For Deluxe Edition, besides the game itself There are also 2 special weapons and pieces that can not be found in the game.
1. Special weapon "PT-Pythagoras" (2 types)
2. Special support weapon "PR-Shaman" (2 types)
3. Customized equipment "EDF 4.1" Logo T-shirt and emblem
4. Customized equipment "EDF 5" Logo T-shirt and emblem
5. Customized equipment "EDF 4.1" T-shirt and badge printing class (4 kinds)
6. Customized equipment "EDF 5" T-shirt brand and emblem (4 types)

For Ultimate Edition, in addition to the game itself In the series will include all additional parts that will start selling after the official game launch, including
1. Custom Outfit "Infantry"
2. Operator "Riho Futaba" (JP version expressed by Yuko Goto)
3. In-game currency: Credits and Gems
4. Special weapon "PT-Pythagoras" (2 types)
5. Special support arm "PR-Shaman" (2 types)
6. Special "FX-Trailblazer" weapon (2 types)
7. Special weapon "MR-Geo Needle" (2 types)
8. Custom equipment "Onechanbara ORIGIN" set
9. T-shirt and custom clothing badge "Bullet Girls Phantasia"
10. Custom outfit t-shirt and emblem "DREAM C CLUB ZERO"
11. Personalized "School Girl / Zombie Hunter" t-shirt and badge
12. Custom Outfit T-shirt and badge "Happy Manager"
13. Custom Clothing "Natsuiro ★ High School" T-shirt and badge
14. Customized equipment "EDF 4.1" EDF logo t-shirt and emblem
15. Customized equipment "EDF 5" EDF logo t-shirt and emblem
16. Custom Outfit "EDF 4.1" T-shirt and badge printing class (4 kinds)
17. Personalized clothing "EDF 5" T-shirt and badge printing class (4 kinds)
18. Bus with style (DREAM C CLUB ZERO)
19. Stylized Pickup (Natsuiro ★ High School)
20. Stylized Car (Bullet Girls Phantasia)
21. Next Additional Mission Package

"Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain" will be officially released on April 11, both in the form of a 1,790 baht disc and digital download. Prices start at 1,740 baht, and those interested can buy a disc at any PlayStation reseller or buy a digital discount through PlayStation Store, following more details in the fanpage. PlayStation Asia

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