In 15 years! AFC selects "Pao Sivakorn & # 39; to work on ACL 2019


The Asian Football Confederation or AFC sends a confirmation letter to the Thai Football Association. Real Sponsorship In the appointment of Sivakorn Phu Udom to act as referee In the 2019 football season of the AFC Champions League

That this appointment Considered for the first time in 15 years with Thai judges Who served in the football match of the AFC Champions League since the auspicious occasion, similar to having served in the competition of the 2004 season

By Siwakorn Phu-udom, he said about being appointed to do this duty which "I must say that I am very happy because of every judge's dream. It is blowing to the level of the World Cup But before you get there you will have to strive to be the first judge in Asia to lose."

"Being able to act as a referee in the ACL program is a start.If asked how many years I really do not know What the last Thai referee acting on this list When did this happen? As far as I remember Mr. Chaiwat Kansuha, Ajarn Satapongkhan and Mongkhon Rung, similar , but in the end, returning to work in this program again to the Thai judges Should be a good guarantee that the Football Association Under management in the era of Pol. Gen. Dr. Somyot Purple shrub Help raise the referee level The assistant referee Thailand has clearly developed a higher standard and is more internationally acceptable "

"Personally, I think Football, whatever the list is 11 players on the same side, every team needs Fair Fair precision So we should do the best to work as well. As for the difference Football League in Thailand and Football Club in Asia There is a culture You will not have a chance to try to miss the field again When you are chosen to perform in the AFC competition, which has a higher standard level You have the opportunity to show your skills and must And without errors For you to keep your level in the high-level list of the continent The preparation is therefore the most important thing.Each education team Prepare the body in different weather conditions etc. "

"I see how to act in this program to help build confidence for the judges in Thailand.Including more Thai football If we are developing seriously I believe that the Thai judges are not just myself.It also has the opportunity to play in the great Asia program also For this development The development department of association judges over the past 3 years has focused on development by examining the AFC's needs as the core of the kind of referee he desires. Which side is excellent? be preserved. Anything that needs to be added to the umpire has always followed this approach, thus making Thai judges get more opportunities like this. "

In addition to Siwakorn Phu Udom, there are also two Thai referees who served the other, including Rutnakarit and Thanet Chuchuen.


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