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Bangkok – November 13 – IMI Thailand

"DreamNote" 8, the first iMeKorea girl group that is planned to become Global Entertainment in the future, released their first album on November 7 with the album "Dream Like". "With the beginning of the activity as an artist, it is like the dreams of all eight people.

DreamNote they came together. The IMe Girls training group trained for more than 7 months and started promoting activities with the fans. Previously, pre-launch activities revealed capacity. And your preparation for your debut, full of charm. And beauty Including skills training. It's hard being an intern. And also full of talent. And unlimited potential. They include members of YOUI, BoNi, Lara, MISO, Sumin or K-pop fans. MIXNINE and EJ (Eunjo), HaBin and HanByeol.

Your DreamNote name comes from the combination of two words: "DREAM" (in Korean means "what do you want to do in the future?" In Korean means "to" and "NOTE. fans) and putting those dreams together.

DREAM LIKE as their debut album. To show everyone how to get into a new world called Dream Space or your dream area to reflect the reality of the eight girls who are going to debut door. True Or like blooming flowers. This album will show the bright colors of DreamNote Dreams that will change while the door was closed to Dream Space, but is finally opened there. This album is composed of 6 tracks that is.

– dreamintro


– like you



– (as you) inst

"Dream Note" (Dream Note), the title song of the debut album. What is the same name as their band. They collaborated with famous producers David Amber and Andy Love to produce songs for many famous artists. For example, his recent work is Yes or Yes, by TWICE, and Love's from Bomb_ fromis_9, which is a song that perfectly reflects the meaning of Dream Note. It's a 1960s pop song with retro theme. Composed with letters that present an appointment. And the total power of the girls. They also expressed their confidence that they were developing during the performance on the stage of their dream diaries, telling stories like fairy tales and updating themselves.

Thai fans support the work. And accompany to encourage 8 DREAMNOTE girls who continue to accompany them closely by the following channels.

DreamNote official Facebook: imedreamnote.official

DreamNote's official Twitter: iMe_Dreamnote

DreamNote Official Instagram: ime_dreamnote

DreamNote official YouTube:

DreamNote Official VLIVE:


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