I'm excited about the baby close to his mother.


I'm excited about the baby close to his mother. I have a lot of money.

It's a mother and an onion DJ. Candle Pairoj joins GQ THAILAND Magazine, "GQ MEN OF THE YEAR 2018," to award the most prestigious awards in 2018 at The Club @ KOI, 39th floor, Sathorn Square. The stargram is about to be adopted soon.

When will a child be born? "December 5th The first wood of your doctor. In the morning ".

How do you prepare? "Now, when I'm very close, I'm excited Because he was not in our belly for 9 months, so our bond between 9 months is not." But we're close to birth, we think we have to take responsibility as a mother. (Smile) Of the people he contacted us, we have to consult him about what to prepare and what fragrance.There is a line to the nuclear (fun), he notes that children should have something less. Nuclear has two large pages. We were shocked that we were prepared for this child. So let's sponsor the brand, help us.

He asked how serious it was because of the nuclear record. Some of us do not understand which part to use. I'm sorry to say we need to. But it looks like the marks. He helped us a lot. I do not have to prepare anything, but I have to do it.This is my first post. Will take to buy. I have information from him. Because he was just raising children. "

Invest seriously? "(Smile) Yes, because people can not imagine it Being a mother You're supposed to be 9 months pregnant and it's going to be"

People wonder why we have to assume the role of mother? "Really? He is our grandchildren He was born in a rhythm that his father and mother were not ready. I just gave birth to my first child. And your mother is Singaporean. That should be taken by the sea to Thailand. I do not have a job here. He lives in Singapore. But with our brothers. We took the problem in Thailand here. He did not have a job. Now open the eyebrow shop. That goes well. But it just started. But he is not ready to raise two children. We already had a baby.

We used to ask him to get pregnant once. At that time, he said it was not long. Because he was not able to say. But when he got there. So we say we ask for it. Do not take the kids because we follow the laws of Singapore, he took off when the mother is not ready. And I was born with problems in the beginning.

Because you do not know yourself pregnant. We eat food supplements. It is a weight loss to eat less and eat less body to feed the child. Because the child is eating more than normal. The body then ejects the bleeding child.

So I understand that month. It's a misunderstanding to me. By the way, the doctor said it is not certain that this child will still be buried. So we said that if he really was born. And completely, we'll get caught.

But if he was born without the marginal condition, then. It's up to you to decide. According to Singapore law, it can be removed. We waited so long. You are sure to be safe and strong, so we say that this problem does not have to worry. We accept that ourselves. "

What is our availability? I do not know why, but I do not know why.We see everyone teaching our kids to see the patch, we say, "I'm a fighter. that Pat teaches the children very well Because our son is a son We try to see how we all teach children Why we are not talking why I will not tell this to her It is not good for children to say that they are children, we come to think that we will be the mother. "

Are we worried that he really is not our baby? "I'm worried because he's a star.If he's not a star child, he'll feed our parents.It's not polite (laughs), it's our style.But when we were star children.All were very busy with us.Don't do itDon't do that It's also a child star. "

How do you build your own armor? "To say that everyone does not have to fiddle with my baby, it's not possible.Even the body that we're not able to be 100% of themselves, may be the way Opal is said, because it's calm with the ball. Something does not understand, ask Opal before.We feel that he raised the ball.So his son understood him well.The smell is afraid that if someone shouts.If it is a habit, I will scream (laughs). "

Document already prepared, right? "Seriously?" I do not know how to know either. But we all have our mother's name. But I do not know how to proceed. "

So Sun (population) will be father, right? "Sun is not my father. Many people will understand this. The last is that the child is perfumed. This is our burden. Sun does not know, but kids. Just married, Sun is not ready. If you do not have to dress, then have children. It's very stressful for him. And we pushed the burden too. He is like the blood of ours. Today is like a responsibility to your grandchildren. But as a child "

But Sun will come help, right? "Sun says Sun will help, but really, honey, a lot of people say that's not easy. Ask if this affects our relationship or not, because you do not know what is happening. Sun will ask you to come today. How do we live? I still can not find the answer.Let's learn together or move on. If not, let's sit and talk."

Are you ready for the drama? "Must be right? Because it's heavy enough (laughs).

If we get married and have children? "We will not be pregnant. Check with your doctor. Doctors say the eggs are very fragile. Sun is known because the date said the doctor was asked to speak in front of the sun. I have to say that. Check it out now. So adoption is good, so our chance really is.We have to earn from the eggs we deposit. It usually leaves 10-20 sheets, it also sticks 1-2 sheets.We only got 6 left. If the aroma is really mixed. I'm going to patrol the whole country (laughs)."

But we really want to have our own kids, right? "I want to have a baby and another financial situation is a lot in .. (smile) for your baby." So we have a baby in. Say, interpret the drama (laughs).


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