I found the old shark along with the age of the dinosaur 67 million years


I found the old shark along with the age of the dinosaur 67 million years

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Image: Velizar Simeonovski, Field Museum (thumbnail: Terry Gates, NC State University)

One of the fossil fossils, the famous dinosaur at the Field Museum in Chicago. Illinois United States Must be a skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex, or called Tyrannosaurus rex-T.rex, which has the name "Sue", size 12.3 meters Paleontologists assume that it fell in the southern river. Dakota and died when 67 million years ago

But after having examined the remaining 2,000 pounds of heavy stones after cracking the bones of Sue found that the fossil remains of the shark were buried in that stone. Despite the surprise that the shark teeth were found near the T. Rex But the paleontologists of the University of North Carolina in the United States were able to identify the teeth of shark sharks and how they were buried near the remains of T. Rex Su. It could be because of the fall to death on the South Dakota river. At that time, there were abundant sharks.

Paleontologists call this kind of shark that Galagadon is connected to the group of frog sharks found in the Indo-Pacific sea. That these teeth are the size of a sand If you do not light it with a microscope, there will be no way to see Fortunately, paleontologists have found this tooth before passing it. Because all living creatures in the ecosystem Each has a role throughout the network to understand changes in the ecosystem during the mass extinction of the Cretaceous era.


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