I do not know why.


I do not know why.

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I also have difficulty with the temple to practice.

Hertz difficult for the hero reached the top – Charan Sotirrat after the boil. Wisdom Wisdom Wise Paiboon So far, many people have seen that TOP has turned to the latest TOP ethics to join the "OTOP Community Tourism Festival". I'm going to know … I'm going to love it "at Impact Exhibition Hall 5-7, Muang Thong Thani asked that Fern leave out saying that.We have something to say?" Really, let's interview the boys. We honor him. I think it's about two people. Please do not go down details. There is no third hand, of course. "Is this attitude or time?" I do not want to go down the details better. Everyone looked at this past. I'm very happy. Thank you so much for coming in my life. The past meant so much to me. Today I still feel the same since the day I met him. "

Is there any adjustment? "We already have a discussion.Everyone comes to different families, how do you think this attitude is not the same? So it has to be adjusted all the time." Are there fights? "I think it's normal." We were very sweet. Are many people shocked when they separate? "I do not want to say where it is.I can not tell.It is a detail of two people.It is very sensational.But what everyone sees.What everyone looks at is cute.I want everyone to keep it while I keep it.I I want everyone to see that the past is sweet. It's still like this forever. "Sorry for the time? "No, I do not regret it, it's always happy, but in reality, nothing is happy and unhappy, it's natural, we have to accept and understand the reality that happened."

Did you talk about it after you lost your status? "Do not talk about it.We may need time." What's the state of mind now? "Wait, it's over." (Smile) "Do you see us meditating with a hard look? "I like to do merit and to practice now But this time we have to practice We saw some Dharma We see the truth that comes to mind and we feel good We are an actor with a follower If there is something small we can transform I'm happy. "Fern leaves say there is no chance of turning? "But if I ask about the opportunity to turn, I did not dare to confirm, I feel that the world is absolutely right, we are now a brother."


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