Friday , February 26 2021

I do not know what to do.

Lieutenant Colonel Thaddee Klumlung, Deputy Police Officer of Phetchabun He was appointed by Major General Pho Pho to travel to the Lom Kao Police Station to pursue the case of the young Hmong. Mr. The accused and her husband died, still imprisoned in Lom Kao Police Station. And also stress. Also, do not open your mouth to the details. It's good to have a good time with you. Police investigate, Colonel Prasit Wongsa, police lieutenant Poon Seng, who discussed the issue of bringing the accused. The latter was assessed situation. The relatives of the wounded are also angry. The police must stop the plan on the spot. And he turned to the plane, simulating the place of birth. Speaker

Lieutenant Colonel Thaddee said that. This case is quite clear. Auntie died and was attacked. Bear testimony and evidence of the case are not concerned. I want to invite the parents of the accused to investigate the matter. What is the cause? To be a case study. The public to see the damage of the drug. To the director. Help solve drug problems. And the head of the case. There are people who take chronic medicines, please help inform the police. To be sent to see this team. Is it likely to trigger violence in this case?

It is reported. Her father and mother, as well as Miss Yingcharoen Ruangtrakul's younger brother, who was killed, were found dead. To seek justice for the deceased daughter. And since before her death, her daughter was threatened with death. Because Mr. Chanchai was paranoid because his wife was cheating. He also asked that Chatchai be sentenced to death. They also said that after birth can not be solved until sleep.

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