Hundreds of members Declaration of Civil Society


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November 18, 2018


"Uttar Pradesh" smiles at the people of the Democratic Party. Civil Society Declaration Adhere to the principle of peace and prosperity.

Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand, Khun Yingluck Shinawatra, said he had invited the leader of the Uttar Pradesh party to attend a meeting of the People's Party. talk about the policies on the 6-sided platform that members can see from every angle. And there is a large projection screen around the stage that was introduced. The party symbolizes the party with new members.

The party leader said when the party was. From now on, we can do activities. Especially getting the ideologues to work with us as party members. The ideologies they believe are confident that under the power of the People's Republic of Thailand they will enter into peace, stability and wealth to create a glory. Good benefit For the Thai people, certainly.

"We do not have the right to vote, I do not think it's a good thing," said Utt.

We join diversity because we are open. We have both the old and the modern, the new generation, the fire with creativity. This is the perfect match. We will come up with the idea of ​​doing politics and recruiting party representatives to use the public as the most appropriate consideration. Then everyone will tell the people. Today, the People Power Party is ready to serve the Thai people across the country. We will adhere to the principle of peace and prosperity, where "peace" is the past, we all know that Thailand is more than enough. We all fell into a black hole for a long time. So, today you must unite to break the conflict. Get and adopt policies. The good thing for the concrete people.

The "security" of this great story will be 1. Creating a "white society" is a 100% drug free society. This will clear the debt to free all groups of farmers. Industry workers, independent careers Pretzel will focus on providing safety at home. To eat Create new opportunities. To fulfill the potential of people to be confident in the stability of life. 3. Coverage of social assistance for the Thai people. Let's create a civil society that shares the potential to create opportunities for Thais together. Today is touching that these things are beginning. Examples of state welfare cards It is a burden for low-income people. You have a chance to open your mouth. There is a need to use it in daily life. These things confirm that we must continue.

Of course, the last "wealth" is that we will create the opportunity to focus on all sectors equally. For example Access to finance In this time there will be technology, we will. We have access to the best technologies available to farmers, such as rice, cassava, rubber, palm oil, sugarcane and all these technologies. From the origin To complete the destination. The process of organizing the investment. Farmers are guaranteed collateral to ensure their legitimate property. Reduce the burden of debt Make a career increase income. And the production must meet the needs and the market. These must be serious. The group of entrepreneurs, especially so-called small SMEs, who are equally important in the economic structure, will also look at the full cycle. We have to help him get up and walk hard.

"The real power of the people is the power to fill the potential of the generation, the start up, as well as the creation of the people's creation," the society, public opinion, "which we begin today.To cultivate the Thai people to enter the century There is an investment in digital communications today that distributes almost everywhere, including economy, life, people, water, energy. If not, prosperity we will invite you to do these things together. "

There are only one party, the People's Power Party.Let's walk straight to tell people who come to join us to solve the problem for the country. Go through the conflict Bring the Glory I will come again.And last but not least, I learned that there are opportunities, but we do not have much time.Then this time we have to introduce.Please introduce the policy to the Thai brothers.We have since worked But we are ready.And thanks to the sacrifice that has been offered to join the power of civil power, there is no power, no group of colors is the power to lead the country into the future. "

Mr. Sonthi Sithijiriwong Secretary General People say that public power has only 4 pediatricians, but today the pediatrician has a ninja. This is the first step of party power. Today, look at everyone's face, they almost do not believe this party will gather a lot of people this size. We have 350 members and the name of the state power. Did not catch anyone's name But the public is all people who are part of Thailand. When people come, but we see that it will work politically, it belongs to no one. It is not part of one. It has no owner. Today we are here.

Today, as a housewife, the party welcomes everyone to join the ideology with the PPP. "Today, as a housewife, the party welcomes everyone to join the ideology with the PPP. Thailand has a solution since the state party. Without public power, this country will be totally devoid of any means.


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