Huawei announced to make the Internet world in India


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April 17, 2019


Huawei Mobile Services announces the world's closest mobile Internet in India.

Huawei Mobile Services enhances the digital quality of life for Huawei and Honor phone users in India by connecting users to content providers around the world.

Huawei Mobile Services joins the Global Connects India conference with content providers. In this case, the company has shown a powerful vision to connect Huawei users and honor users. In India, near digital content providers around the world And marks the beginning of a worldwide connection with the launch of the leading conference for the Internet industry in China and India, Global Connects India, which reflects opportunities for local players expand their businesses in different industries. Be online entertainment Internet financial services Cross-border e-commerce Launch of the game Life service And online learning

In the midst of a world with complete connectivity, Huawei Mobile Services continues to develop excellent services for users. According to the promise of making the world closer it is expected that India will overtake China as the most populous country in the world soon, while the use of the Internet in India is also very high. With almost 500 million internet users

Interesting facts about the vision of Huawei Mobile Services

Huawei AppGallery, official Huawei application aggregator platform With a total of 1.2 billion downloads, with 270 million active users per month And there are 560,000 application developers worldwide in 2018. The platform has many users and content to choose. As a result, users can easily find content. In addition, users can benefit from the gift collection point on Huawei AppGallery, which will allow users to receive VIP gifts, discounts and privileges. Meanwhile, Huawei offers everyday solutions. Stop for developers with a large number of users Application developers around the world can reach millions of users when they want to distribute digital content

Huawei also offers solutions to promote pre-loaded applications for all Huawei and Honor phones. In addition, the application developers group can also choose their applications to support OOBE, Top Apps Folder, AppGallery, which solutions. This gives the group of application developers an edge in the same market. As a result of the huge amount of smartphone sales every year Huawei has sold more than 200 million smartphones in 2018 or up to 35% year on year.

Huawei Mobile Services also provides cost-per-download advertising services for application developers. Advertisers will be billed for service when Huawei and Honor phone users download advertised apps. From statistics found that advertisers can expect 20% of user traffic, which is higher than industry standards. Advertised apps will appear in the core app, featured page, main search, search results, and Huawei AppGallery recommendations.

Vision Summary

Huawei Mobile Services offers a unique solution for users and application developers. Through a robust and reliable digital content distribution platform With ever-increasing competition in the digital market, Huawei AppGallery is an excellent solution that helps application developers achieve their goals.

Application developers interested in viewing more information about Huawei Mobile Services can be viewed at or contact [email protected]


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