Haringer of Doom & # 39 ;, the family tree & # 39; T. Rex



A paleontological research team, led by Terry Gates, a paleontologist at the State University of North Carolina and Lindsey Sando of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science, revealed on February 21 that they discovered the fossils of a new type of dinosaur from the central excavation of the state of Utah, USA.

The newly discovered dinosaur is a family dinosaur. "Tyrannosaurus," a species of carnivorous dinosaur, best known because of the popularity of Tyrannosaurus Rex or T. T. Rex, owner of huge 7 tons, over 13 meters in length. Until it became the most carnivorous animal in the world food chain, about 30 million years ago

But the newly discovered Tyrannos is very small, even when compared to ordinary dinosaurs, its size is about 3 feet long and weighs only 78 pounds, with fast and active rhythm. Living in a period called Cretaceous Dating back to the ancient era of T. Rex, occupying much of the world, that is, about 96 million years ago

The research team named it "Morose Intrappus," dubbed "Harbiner of Doom," which means "the leader of the verdict," which is believed to evolve later to "T. Rex."

Terry Gates explained that it was Cretaceous. There are two types of carnivorous dinosaurs, except Moors. There is another type that is much bigger than that: "Zyrsme Kierorum", the dinosaur of the Alosaur family, which, when fully grown, is 12 meters long and weighs about 4 tons, which makes it able to dominate. The North American carnivorous predator's creature is ten million years later.

Moors is a little hunter. In the secondary rows Descend only

"If you speak briefly In terms of evolution Moros and zays It's comparable to David and Goliath in that. But it actually seems that David, who is much smaller, like Moors, can survive the huge changes of terrain.Which has changed very strongly during that time, both in the mountain range, to sea level rise. What makes the giant Alosaur extinct in the end. "

At the end of the Zyroids era, the hunting giants of that era were equal in opening the way for the little Tyrannosaurus. In particular, Morose Intra Plexus can grow and grow unlimited. Until becoming North America's largest space hunter, T. Rex, about 30 million years later

Tyrannosaurus originated in Asia. Before migrating to North America And evolved to the highest point there But only a few fossils were found that show the evolution Including the newly discovered fossil of Moors Which is partially found in the legs and bones of the teeth One of the Moors Is expected who is only 7 years old, almost totally grown

The research team did not discover the Moorish fur fossils. But assuming that some parts, especially along the vertebrae, should be covered. Like many dinosaurs

Terry Gates stated that when fully grown and standing on two legs the backs of Moors are at the level of our hips as well as the dog Great Dane of 3 meters that has only skin covered.


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