GSB Launches "Debit-Savings Bank" Donate Luck of Gold Over the Years Just Charge It and Feel At It The more you use, the richer "


Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Encourage customers to swap magnetic stripe cards with chip cards. Free Give 106 lucky debit card users worth more than 3.2 million baht. The highest gold award is 10 baht.

Mr. Issara Wongrung, Deputy Director of Government Savings Bank Individual customers have revealed that, in line with government policy Develop payment systems through electronic systems, creating a society without money. Pay for products and services via electronic cards instead of using more money. According to the Bank of Thailand, which requires all financial institutions to change their ATM cards and debit cards with magnetic stripe It is a chip card until December 31, 2019 in order to encourage the general public and customers of the the bank to know and be aware of the exchange of a debit card with a magnetic stripe. Come as a debit card with card What will help increase the security of debit card use Because the chip card can prevent theft, copy the data on the card (Skimming) and reduce the forgery rate effectively. Including encouraging customers of GSB debit card holders to use debit cards to purchase products And more services

"In this sense, the Bank organized activities" GSB debit card Donate gold luck over the years Just load it and feel at ease The more you use, the richer "will give awards to customers who use the card service If a new contact person debit card applicant changes the magnetic stripe card on a chip card, including those used to pay with bank debit cards From April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020 "In addition, customers who have ATM cards and bank debit cards can transfer cards to chip cards, while waiving fees at all Branches of the Government Savings Bank until December 31, 2019," said Vice- governor of the Government Savings Bank.

To participate in activities and have the right to win prizes For customers who change magnetic stripe cards such as debit cards, chip cards, pay annual fees, pay for products and services via debit cards (1,000 baht or more) and those interested in applying for a new debit card. (Except GSB debit cards) which will have 3 raffles, a total of 106 prizes, with a total value of 3,278,500 baht, with the highest prize being 10 baht gold. Second time, December 23, 2019, with 35 gold awards and the third time on April 27, 2020, winning 36 gold awards

For more information Can be tracked according to the public relations media of the Government Savings Bank All channels are: Website:, Line Official, Facebook: GSB Society or for more information about Personnel Government Savings Bank, all branches nationwide or the GSB Call Center Customer Service Center, call 1115.


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