Green light cabinet, raw sugarcane price at 700 baht per ton – The Bangkok Insight


Green light cabinet !! Determine the gross price of sugarcane and the return on primary sugar production and distribution in the 61/62 crop at the rate of 700 baht per ton.

Mr. Natthaporn Jatusripitak A spokesman for the deputy prime minister revealed that the cabinet meeting approved the determination of raw cane prices and the return of production and distribution of primary sugar production station 61/62 at a rate of 700 baht per tonne at the sweetness level 10. CCS or equal to 97.29% of the estimated average cane price at 719.47 baht per tonne.

Along with the up / down rate of the sugarcane price equals 42.00 baht per 1 CCS unit and also determine the return on the production and distribution of sugar at the beginning of the 61/62 production season equal to 300, 00 baht per ton

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