Great! "Ezine Musk" confirmed that 70% chance of switching to "Mars" in the next 7 years.


SpaceX's Elton Musk announces Axios Media Center on HBO on Sunday It is possible that 70% of them decide to travel to Mars believing that. This can happen in the next 7 years, even if there is a high chance of death.

The Guardian newspaper reported yesterday (25 November) that on HBO's radio show, Axios, on Sunday evening, November 25, Elon Musk said in an interview. "I know better what to do." And say "I'm talking about moving to live on it."

Also in the interview. Co-founder of Tesla and founder of SpaceX, The move to live on Mars may be possible in the next seven years. *** Can be moved permanently ***

Musketeers point out that "We think maybe you can come back, but we're not confident."

The Axis Media site predicted an interview with Ezzy Muscat the day before the landing of the robot named Robot. "InSight" on Mars According to the AP, NASA uses mechanical mole to dig a 16-foot-deep tunnel to measure underground heat. And the earthquake monitor will perform the vibration test. Or anything that makes the Red Star shake.

Musk at age 47 mentioned his dream of traveling to Mars earlier. British media But in an interview that aired yesterday (25) He gave himself a chance to reach 70%, where Mus will land on his own Space X spacecraft to explore Mars in the future.

In an interview Musk is also predicting this. A trip to Mars may happen in the next seven years from now. Tickets should cost about $ 200,000.

However, in the recent list of the most upset muscles, he admitted that he knew that traveling to Mars could mean ending his life.

"There is a greater probability that you will die on Mars than on Earth." According to ZdNet, Musk points out that, despite the high probability of death, he chose to compare the danger with the Everest climber. Challenging and difficult

The British media said. Considering the success of the masks to land successfully on Mars, he said he hopes to work hard without stopping to build a base or base on the planet.

"You have that opportunity." "Said Ezra Musk. "But it's a terrible environment, we think maybe you can come back, but we're not confident, and this time it seems to be a way for the rich to have money."

ZdNet reported that in an interview Muschman also referred to the newly formed AI company last year, "Neuralink", which creates a computer-based transplant system. Musketeers point out that The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence is to make the center of AI accessible to many people.

"If we have billions of people connecting high-speed broadband to this self-expanding AI, Everyone will have the same smart genius." Muske said.


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