Google Launches New "Job Search" Feature, Including Job Position on Web Display Choose the right most convenient path.


In today's world, if someone searches for something, Google is the first choice of all services. Including those looking for a new job. Earlier, the Google job search is the same as the normal search in the sky, but today Google Thailand has launched a new feature "Job Search" adjusting the display to the Dashboard for job search. Finding the right place is easier and more convenient.

Google launches work as 4th Asian country

It is the fourth Asian country after opening in India, Singapore and Hong Kong, which sends information from web partners to find jobs. Main., JobTopGun,, LinkedIn,,, and blognone. These partners will need to make an API for Google. Looking for work on its own, Google does not limit cooperation, but only the great boss. But also open to other partners. You can send data to the Google index with the Open Documentation feature. This is a recruiting resource designed to help you get work posts from different organizations. Small and large sites are easily found on Google using an open architecture called, developed by Google.

Online job search is becoming more and more popular. In one year, search growth reached 17%, and there were more job searches on mobile devices than on current desktops. Demand for mobile employment increased by 14% over the previous year.

More than 100,000 jobs are selected.

To display on Google, job search is organic or as it should be. There are no advertising features in any way. The research will be tailor made for each person, choosing a job closer to home. Today, more than 100,000 jobs have been made.

Using Google Job Search

We can search for jobs on Google through the browser or the application itself. Keyword research can be specific or broad. Specify your company or position.

  • Bangkok Administration
  • Restaurant manager
  • Jobs at Apple
  • Bank officer

We can adapt the job description in several other topics.

  • Job Category
  • Position and distance
  • Publication date
  • Full or part time
  • Type of Business
  • Employer

Which company has the web can advertise a job with Google.

Typically, any company that wants to hire more people will have to use only the web service. To be able to advertise directly to the target audience. But with Google looking for work already released. We can open the work from the web page we can do. The way it is said above, we have to do the web using the Google API to send data to the table of contents. If you are not technically savvy. And the company used WordPress or CMS that can find the plug-in to be used by many people.

Below is a plugin in WordPress, we can download it immediately. Without cost.

Droidsans announced job search and internship.

This will be the plug-in for the web soon. Because now we are expanding the team. Someone interested in signing up to work together. There are several positions below.

  • Writer
  • Creative
  • Graphic designer

While waiting for the plug-in, anyone interested can submit a resume to [email protected]

More details about Google for Jobs can be found at. Anyway


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