Google has detected 13 malicious applications hidden in the Play Store, found more than 500,000 downloads.


Regular application downloads Android Different from in Google Play Store There is always the risk of a virus or malware attacking. Last but not least, there is a hidden malware app on the Play Store that has 13 apps (from the same manufacturer) and over 500,000 downloads.

Usually, apps from the Play Store will be reviewed by Google Protect. The app itself has nothing to do with it. But the package itself or additional files. People who downloaded these applications and clicked Activate for the first time. The message will appear to download the APK Game Center file added and when the file is installed, then when it is closed, it will close. The icon is then hidden so that it can not be activated again, but Malware has been installed on the computer and run secretly in the background. (See examples in action in the video.)

And if it is not. The 13 applications are from the same creator, Luiz O Pinto, that have already been downloaded. 560,000 For some very hot applications. I got caught up in the category. Tendencies Thank you! (Google has now removed all these applications.)

Download the 13 applications and access Antivirus applications to try to scan or uninstall the unused application. And after that, do you need to watch yourself monitoring each application on its own from a trusted developer team? And have scores + comments How are you? This will be protected against viruses and malware.

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