Good! How to speed up the iPhone XR vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 faster?


The YouTube channel compared the speed of the various apps between the Apple iPhone 2018 (but relatively high) and Galaxy Note 9, which is Samsung's flagship in 2018. This

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It seems superficially, it may seem like a bad analogy. Between models The main model is full of specs, but if you look at the specs of the two models, you'll see that the difference is not much.

Chipset flagship: A12 Bionic Vs. Snapdragon 845 Operating System: iOS 12.0.1 Vs. Android 8.1

But what is different is clearly "RAM"

3 GB (iPhone XR) vs. 6 GB (Samsung Galaxy Note 9)

The test showed that the iPhone XR can accelerate more than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

iPhone XR: 02: 38.33 minutes Samsung Galaxy Note 9: 02: 38.48 minutes PhoneBuff Photos

Based on test results above. The Aion Bionic chipset (which is the same model used by the iPhone XS and XS Max) has enough potential to make the iPhone XR work fast, not to lose the Samsung Galaxy Note 945 Snapdragon 8.

And the iPhone XR is faster. But in daily use. You will hardly see the difference. (In terms of speed) between the two smartphones now.


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