Gold this morning, fixed price Gold jewelry sold out still stands at over 20,050 baht per baht – Fresh News

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On January 30, 2019, the Gold Trade Association announced today the price of gold in the country. As follows (according to the table) by the price of gold first announced the day with a fixed price Unchanged yesterday With gold bars sold 19,550 baht per baht Gold jewelry sold out 20,050 baht per baht, the golden period, the time of purchase (baht), sell out (baht), purchase (baht) sold (baht) to Gold Spot Baht / US $ went up / down 30/01/2562 09:23 1 19,450.00 19,550.00 19,101,60 20,050.00 1,313.50 31.45 0

The post Thong on the PTT this morning, fixed price The depleted gold is still more than 20,050 baht per baht, appearing first in the Prachachat.


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