Garena opens the Garena World eSports and Games Festival 2019, full of players.


Garena Online (Thailand) Limited Company, the leading provider of online gaming and communication platform This allows users to access popular online games on mobile devices and computer Open the best game and sporting event กรรม Garena World 2019: Unlock Your Passion '

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Honored by Mr. Siriporn Chiew Samut, deputy governor of Digital Research and Development, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), said that the official opening of Garena World 2019, along with a list of competing games and activities of popular games Apazigue the players with full features on 6-7 April 2019 at BITEC Bangna Hall 98 – 100.

This year, held under the Unlock Your Passion concept, it unlocks your identity. Ready to connect with all the inspirations, the Garena World is held for 7 consecutive years.

Garena's (Thailand) commitment to organizing the Garena World event is to create a space and community for players and the general public. Have understanding and access to games and e-sports

With Garena as the host By bringing the content of the popular game that is open for service in Thailand as well as enhancing the world-class e-sport competition experience so that the gaming community can experience up close

It also focuses on promoting the development of industries that will help Thailand become the center of E-Sport in Southeast Asia. Currently, the gaming industry in Thailand is $ 667 million. It is ranked 19th in the world, coming out of 20th place in 2018.

For Garena World 2019, Garena (Thailand) builds on the competition and activities of all 7 popular games, including Arena of Valor & # 39; (RoV), the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, or & # 39; MOBA & # 39; & Quot; Free Fire & quot ;. Battle Royale & # 39; in the first mobile game developed and released by Garena. Currently, there are 350 million registered users in the "Free Fire" game from around the world.

Speed ​​Drifters, Garena's first multi-player racing game (Thailand) for many popular games, playing Garena modes such as the 'League of Legends' and' (LoL), & # 39; Point Blank & # 39; The & # 39; FIFA Online 4 & # 39; and the & # 39; Ring of Elysium & # 39; (RoE) at Garena World also have 10 major e-sport competitions. Which has a total premium value of more than 17 million baht

In addition Garena World 2019 will be the area that brings together many highlights and interesting things from games and e-sports Visitors can also find out. New "inspiration" that is not limited to the content of the game and the e-sport competition of the "Garena Get & Give" zone held for the first time

What is an activity undertaken to "Connect the world of games to learning" and present educational opportunities and career paths in the gaming industry for young Thais. Through the sharing of guru experience in the gaming industry across the Garena World 2019

Mr Siriporn Chiewsamut, Deputy Governor for Digital Research and Development, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said: "The interest of the gaming and e-sports industry is no longer limited to the content of the game. industries as forms Until creating a strong ecosystem Can be seen from the events of the world and the national competition, such as Garena World 2019

What is the largest e-sport festival in Southeast Asia Attracting both players To the group of Thai and foreign businessmen interested in visiting the event Create colors for tourism and Thai economy at the regional level.

Especially the gaming and e-sports industry will help to be another mechanism that drives the economy driven by innovation to the "economy" from commodity production to commodity. "Innovation" and Change of country driven by the industrial sector To boost technology Creativity and Innovation

What is the Thai Tourism Authority is focusing on in the communication of tourism through digital content that can reach more groups of people than traditional public relations channels What will certainly make a difference and will appeal to those who are interested In games and sports and sports to pay more attention when choosing Thailand as a tourist destination "

Mr. Krit Pattanetha, Director of Garena Online (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said "Garena World is a reflection The growth of the gaming industry and e-sports has gone beyond just 6 games, but has become one of the industries with This can create economic opportunities and new careers in the digital age.

It also reflects the philosophy of the Karina team in the development of products and services. Starting with the goal, which will answer the question Game products from us will help improve and fill the gaming user experience.

Garena World is one of the most exciting events that demonstrates Garena's commitment to delivering the best gaming experience for gamers. Both in online gaming products and in offline gaming event events such as the Garena World 2019, this also reinforces the leading position in the gaming and e-sports sector. Both from Garena and Thailand We expect Garena World 2019 to deliver happiness to fans who have always given Garena great support and feedback.

It is important to note that we hope Garena World will help to reflect the potential of games and e-sports as a medium that not only provides fun. But it can still be still ใจ Inspiration ajuda helps to promote skills Analytical thinking, planning And work from the Gamification process in games and e-sports This helps to melt the new generation with skills In coexistence with future technology Until being a communication Thai Interesting in Thailand Go to other gaming communities around the world who are following the activities and games of Garena World 2019. "

Garena World 2019, held for 7 consecutive years, held from 6-7 April 2019, Hall 98-100, at the BITEC Convention and Exhibition Center (BITEC Bangna under the concept "Unlock Your Passion"


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