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'Former graduate student at Chulalongkorn University !! "The teacher has no right to cut hair." Stop claiming rules. Press students

Student haircut

'Former graduate student at Chulalongkorn University !! "The teacher has no right to cut hair." Stop claiming rules. Oppressing the students Turbulent and ambiguous ministerial regulations leading to the regime of popular power And images in hairstyles

The teacher has no right to cut hair. – From teacher teacher case punish Grade 4 pupil of school in Kanchanaburi Which is currently being criticized Whether it is act that is beyond the scope of the teacher or not

On January 18, reporters informed that on January 17, live news online So contact us Mr. Thanawat Wongchai, former Chairman of the Chula Student Council To ask about this case

Mr Thanawat revealed that he personally commented that this problem was caused by Minister of Education There is ambiguity and ambiguity. In the past when Mr. Phongthep Thepkanjana was Minister of Education He had issued a statement explaining the words and improvements indicating that the male hairstyles would change the hairstyle A secondary hairstyle In understanding the word "secondary" he used the word เกิน no more than & # 39; Causes some schools to interpret that word And judging that the longer word is secondary, which means that the school can set a short haircut Or will be able to cut the shape

Never miss important news Click to be LINE @ Live News's friend here.Add friends "height =" 36 "border =" 0 "Therefore, the ministerial regulations are ambiguous. Because different school rules And cause disparity In students' appearance Because some schools interpret strictly And some schools do not interpret strictly The consequences are The students themselves are under the supervision of OBEC under different rules.

Thanawat said in an interesting way that The truth we always offer is We have to release the style of hair. What will make this problem disappear immediately No one will come and sit in the fray that he is right or wrong with the research of the Director of the Bangkok Christian School. This was quoted Hairstyles and attire Does not affect the intention to study Or quality of education

As for the questions that the teacher cut off the students, as in this case, they saw that it was a violation of the basic rights of the students. It is true that this student may be violating school rules. But how to solve teacher problems Should not be violent or violate students' rights, there are many methods Blame, warns, deducts points or informs parents But should not be a haircut Or use physical violence of students Which is considered wrong according to with the United Nations international conventions on human rights

"When this kind of problem arises Thai education has to ask questions about rights, and how much freedom of mankind from the students In fact, the rules we like to claim are can be modified Not something that will remain forever Which parts can be adjusted from according to the time Or if there are surveys that can analyze this hairstyle And clothes Does not affect teaching and learning Why do not we adapt to the age, "Thanawat said.

Mr. Thanawat concluded that In addition, obscuring the rules and giving different interpretations for each school will ultimately encourage abuse. And the use of violence against students in schools นิยม People's power regime & # 39; At school you can still continue

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