Fishers find skeletons in the grass The real old woman, 83, has disappeared for years.


Fishers find skeletons in the grass The real old woman, 83, has disappeared for years.

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Man, find, fish, reporting, police After finding a skull and skeleton in the grass Check the missing person's information along with relative confirmation. An 83-year-old woman with forgetfulness Disappeared from the house since the end of the year 60, expected to be weak, unconscious

On March 19, 2019, Lieutenant Colonel Thirawat Thongyad, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Ban Pong Sub-district, Ratchaburi Province, was notified of the occurrence of a human skull found in a grassy forest next to a factory wall. Moo 9, sub-district of Don Krabue, Ban Pong District, therefore traveled to check with the Ruam Charity Foundation Jai Ratchaburi The scene is about 200 meters from the old Phetkasem road and found a skull in the grass next to the moat. And also found a whole skeleton of a red blanket, stainless steel necklace, necklace Clothes and wallets

From inquiring Mr. Thanom Pokang who found the body to testify that while he and his friend came to fish in the trench Seeing human skulls and skeletons hiding on the banks of the river So hastily informing the authorities to verify After verifying the information of the person lost in the Ban Pong district and according to relatives, confirm that it is Ms. Cham Boonchan, 83-year-old Don Krabue Sub-district, Ban Pong District who disappeared from the house since the end of Year 2017, relatives helped find, but did not find That the dead had forgotten the last thing before being a corpse, saw Mrs. Cham walking on a red blanket on the old Petchkasem road. At the entrance of the school, Thepparin Pittaya At about 400 meters from the scene to this day, people found the skeleton. Assuming that the deceased was born unconscious, unconscious, without initial sightings, the officer recorded the day as evidence and gave the relatives to continue the religious work.

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