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Father reveals crisis The star sugar Bleeding mouth, nose, stomach, waiting to move to Bangkok

Star sugar Still crises Father revealed waiting to move hospital to Bangkok.

Of the case MsSon Saran Gold Chew or The Star 5 Sugar Had a sudden severe illness Bleeding from the mouth and nose Not breathing easily Should pumping the heart at home Before sending urgently to Samut Sakhon Hospital

At 01.00 I am. Date 12 June 2562 What Sugar Symptoms Still in crisis The doctor should take care of closely. AfterStill heart 2 Times Pump doctor

The atmosphere in front of the ICU room 2 Floor 2 Building 12 Floor Samut Sakhon Hospital Mr. Viroj Thong chew Dad Mrs. Sukjai Thirametikul Mom Relatives Friends As well as the Star team MObserving the symptoms throughout the treatment. The family consulted on preparations to change sugar in Bangkok.

Mr. Viroj Sugar's father said Now contact the hospital. 2 The place IS Thonburi Hospital With Siriraj Hospital Must be able to move in the morning becauseYou should see the readiness of the body condition of sugar And seeThe availability of the place and the doctor to treat the child immediately as well. For all the time since he was admitted Can be friends Brother In many circles to help both by contacting the doctor Ambulance to deliver patients Including solidarity for the young and the family

The star sugar

For the symptoms of the daughter Mr. Viroj said Began to show signs of time 11.00 I am. Date 11 JuneWith bleeding from mouth and nose Not breathing easily You should pump your heart at home. Before being transported to Samut Sakhon Hospital Upon arriving at the hospital, the doctor saved his life. But the symptoms were too heavy for the hospital to be treated

The star sugar

The family then contacted the hospital in Bangkok. Many places Until you are in Thonburi Hospital It's about time 4 Day of the day 11 June Medical team at Thonburi Hospital Travelers will come to recover to heal But when it comes to showing that sugar has become more difficult Increased bleeding Until I have to give blood ThereforeCan not move andHave to wait and see the symptoms in the ICU room 2

Doctors are currently unable to say whether What are the symptoms of sugar caused? But from the initial detection it is There are many bleeds in the stomach. That, normally, children do not have underlying disease There is only one general flu. And having no accidents All

For sugar Or Born in 21 September May.O. nineteen ninety Current Age 28 Year Residing at Samut Sakhon Province Famous for the contest The star Search in the sky, get the stars of the year 5 With film work "Angels" Play as Lollipop And famous for the charismatic sitcoms In chapter "Category Run" Graduated with a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Music Mahidol University Donna Voice


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