Fast surrogates, wading! Asa disliked the proverbial request to choose Chantadarama to depart.


Strength not for karmaPitching continuous ratings # Karma ep15 cage, encountering a boiling scene, Renu (Bella) performing wandering, smashing, Chan Ta (Yitha) knocking in the middle of the wedding Called fan favorite, up to the hashtag # karma, ep15, keep the top trend in the online world

The scene of the wedding ceremony of Chanta and Khun Palad, which should not be broken After the sister of the Permanent Secretary left, Chantha was the former mistress of her husband. And still have children in the stomach until the abortion

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Making the wedding of this event, Renu, the big house of Bae, so wanted to go with the big sister Tapa in the middle of the wedding without anyone else It is a scene that is constantly talking about the online world

Including Asa (James Chi) still displeasing his mother (New) for the first time, decided to choose his own way of life, collect house bags, be a Chantha caretaker from now on Without being interested in what Chanta will pass

In the 15th episode of The Cage of KarmaNational ratings up to 7.4 Provincial areas of the municipality (Urban) 8.6 provincial areas outside the municipality (Rural) 6.4 and Bangkok area (Bangkok) 9.9 rose from the date of April 15, when Songkran ratings fell 5.9. It came to 7.4, so shocking

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