Extinguished 1 person !! Patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever in Sakaew province after severe epidemic in many districts


Sa Kaeo – They found dengue deaths in 1 case of Sa Kaeo province after heavy epidemic in the area The Provincial Professor of Public Health Associates has revealed since the beginning of the year until June 4 that the number of patients is almost 400.

Today (June 19) Médica, Orawat Chanphen, deputy doctor of public health of Sa Kaeo province Revealed the situation of dengue in 2019, which from the beginning of the year until June 4 Sa Kaeo Province Found 392 patients with dengue, a rate of 69.76 per 100,000 inhabitants And one person died in the district of Wang Nam Yen, with a mortality rate of 0.18 per 100,000 inhabitants

In addition, the largest number of patients, the 3 main patients in Muang Sa Kaeo with a disease rate of 107.08 per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Wang Nam Yen District 91.10 per hundred thousand inhabitants and the Khlong Hat District 91.06 per one hundred thousand inhabitants

While the age group of the 3 main dengue patients is the age group of 10 to 14 years, followed by 5 to 9 years and 0 to 4 years with the same proportion of male and female patients. The overview found that last month in Sa Kaeo province, 135 patients were found, 5 times higher than the median of 5 years, resulting in the 7th position of the province of Srakaew in the country and the 2nd place in the sixth zone in 8 provinces. Eastern region, after the province of Trat

"From the beginning of the year to the present, the province of Sa Kaeo has accumulated 392 cases of dengue, a rate of 69.76 per 100,000 inhabitants. With the occurrence of the disease in 9 districts, 55 subdistricts, 177 villages, than in the 21st week were found 55 new cases in 9 districts, Muang District, Sa Kaeo, 15 cases, Khlong Hat 5 cases, 1 district of Ta Phraya District of Wang Nam Yen, 16 cases, district of Watthana Nakhon, 6 cases, Aranyaprathet district , 3 people, district of Khao Chakan, 3 people, 1 district of Khok Sung and 5 district of Wang Sombun. "

Medical, Ratanat Also said that during the rainy season Therefore, I would like to seek the cooperation of all sectors to implement joint preventive measures to control the disease continuously. Especially the elimination of mosquito larvae breeding area in the target area of ​​6 rai, including 1. greenhouses (houses / communities) 2. schools (educational institutions / small nurseries) 3. hospitals 4. hotels / resorts 5. Factories / industrial groups and 6. Theaters (temples / mosques / churches)

By adhering to the principle of "3 collected 3 diseases", namely: 1. Keep the house clear and free of mosquitoes. 2. Keep garbage clean and keep mosquitoes from breeding. 3. Keep the water closed to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs. Including points that are often neglected within the house such as glass, water, vase, Buddha image and Buddha image court Must wash and change the water every week to help prevent 3 diseases, including dengue Mosquitoes And virus infection Zika


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