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Epsin has opened to divorce his wife, children over 22.

After that, a young actor recently revealed a divorce with cucumber Jiraporn, his youngest wife, 22, to solve the problem.

But Epinee's last post via IIG about divorce that is not suitable to be together Suitable only as a friend When posting the message "Everything happens, lies and goes away One day, we return the freedom of Important Family People to allow it to be free in Your Choice Many reasons and reasons for communicating are good … and creative, whether it's "resolving beliefs" or changing your lifestyle. To make things better …

… Ultimately, "divorce" is a way to occur. Joint decisions We have talked about this for years and we are in an independent state. Many months ago … In which our family understands and respects our decisions … when "married life" can be independent of each other …

We feel a relaxed life because … freedom means so much to people who are starting to do something new … They felt the most about themselves and found that … we are actually better suited to being friends … "Partner of life "in a person's nature Enough to be alone … even familiar Feeling that life is …. free.
Meet new jobs, great opportunities to learn and understand.

And accept that .. life sometimes has to be free There will be a chance …… They have created so many things and lived so freely It makes us feel that it is a way It will advance to your dreams faster … according to "dreams" are dreams … for the steady progress of future "children" we love the most in the world and who are ready to take care of the same love with him

When something becomes brighter Then we talk a little to find the most beautiful direction of Relationship … Still a family of children, always the warmest and safest Throughout our lives ……….
I truly believe that #Chao Phraya is strong, calm, cool as a father and resolute, brave, brilliant, like our mother and our large family. Both will help us take care of him to be a "good person" and we are good friends. Understandably consistent in creating merit based on stated intention AND changing status #Make good friends with each other

…. Today. # We are grateful for good days and valuable experiences and believe we will bless ourselves. To find good things Have a suitable partner sooner … To lead life You can go on
Calm and complete. # Everything that happens is always good. "

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