End of the broken drama. Prajadhipok-am Chutima announces the end of the problem. Tie the contract to sign 9 contracts.


The story of the broken pitcher. Of the popular industry Of the contractual dispute between Prachachai Nawarat Camp ManagementGolden Jasmine The artist's record under the command of Chutima Chutima came to claim the right to self-interest and to cancel the contract as an independent artist. And there was a fight in the last 6 months for the court. The lawsuit is a lawsuit and inform the authorities to take the stage for the concert.

And before that, many adults and lawyers came to volunteer as intermediaries in the settlement. The origin of the conclusion. Yesterday, Cham Chutima was accompanied by a lawyer Mr. Ganrungruang Ruttanapong. And Mr. Songkarn Genius Mr. Pracha Chakchai came along with Advocate Boonthavorn Panyatephan, a press aide, to talk about the past. The agreement in the Channel 3 Maleenont building with the investigation of Major-General Kachua, Deputy Commissioner of Police. Witness the signing of this agreement. With the media as a witness. By the way, I bow to Prachachai. And hug

By signing the agreement, this issue has nine agreements.

Article 1. Both parties agree to terminate the contract. Cantor dated May 13, 2016. Both parties agree that when the contract is terminated, the benefits and compensation. Singing Play music based on music. Or show work. It is considered the only one.

Clause 2 When the contract is terminated. A Aram concert You should not carry the symbol or copyright in the label's identity.Golden JasmineUsed to show and support the benefits.

Clause 3 recognizes that youPrachachaiOf propertyCopyrightHousekeeper The past was broken and the old image, according to the license agreement dated January 20, 2560, which has 3 songs, is correct and completely legal. And I will not use the right to contest the copyright of these three songs. The term is 9 years from the date of signature of this agreement. Due to lawCopyrightIf there is no time limit, the copyright period is 10 years, and since it has been used for one year, the contract is for another 9 years.

Article 4 PrachachaiI agree to sing all 3 songs receiving compensation from other people. This is not a new version.PrachachaiI can sing these 3 songs.

Article 5. At maturityCopyrightFor 9 years, the copyright of the 3 songs will be the exclusive right.

Article 6PrachachaiIt will sell or transfer the rights to all three songs to outsiders. This contract is part of transferring music to others. It must be recognized and the contract is considered to have legal effect as well.

Article 7. Both parties agree not to be seduced. In case of litigation involving a civil action AND the current criminal. All withdrawals must be submitted within 7 days from the date of this agreement. And do not be tempted to use any additional claims to the parties if the two parties are not wrong under this agreement.

Clause 8. Both parties must enter into a contract with each other to do nothing. This is a scandal to honor each other.

Article 9. If either party has defaulted and violated the terms of the contract. In any case that can not be agreed upon, both parties agree to bring the dispute to the attention of the parties.Mr. Songkran Govt. Smart Lawyer Ruan Rattanapong Together interpret the law, dispute, dispute to find the solution. This is the agreement of both parties, that you now have to break the promise of being 100% independent artists.

There is also the promise of doing business throughout the term of the contract. The remaining 2 years and 6 months will be held on behalf of the camp.Golden Jasmine 5 cents a month to reward you and your staff.Prachachai Will pay the price. And in the remaining contractual life. Am I an independent artist, a contractor, a contractor and a record company?

From Prachachai And I'm open-minded about the whole story. And then with tears in my eyes.

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