Duel by the capital


Buriram, the entire city at this time, turned the strange sky into a sudden, becoming "Buri (Ruen)." For the sake of the heart, please, the kindness of "Dr. Pook, "the clean, handsome doctor from" Duel to the Capital "One of the strange rules that was transformed from" Battle of Duel Song "with" Kru Sala "as the main pillar to create the original

"Capital Wheel" has repeatedly circulated Determine the fate of the prize money value in each match.

If any competitor defends a distance of 10 wins, the cash prize on the wheel will increase from fifty thousand to one hundred thousand. And if they still keep the championship long Millions of money will travel to take possession not much beyond the dream.

"Pook Nattarida" began with the song "Wimarn Din", a sweet vocal sung because of the smooth and elegant personality. The dress is smooth, clean, no jewelry. Fresh makeup Badly rely on any cosmetic Soft teeth, shiny health Along with the apparent self-evident identity

And the clear cry … Doctor Pook made his determination to win. Bring the cash prize to the hope of about one hundred thousand baht to return to the capital to build a new home. So that the mother has a better home than the original condition

The inspiration for the study of Dr. Pook came from the illness of his father who had to come from the family and she was premature. Making her fight with her mother alone, hardly

The doctor's career is a career that she is determined to dream about in the field of "pediatrician," while singing is something she has passionately loved since she was 4 years old.

Dr. Pook gave the cash prize she received for "Nong Fah Blind" as a scholarship to fight for life. When the blue sister was beaten to her in the third game

"Pook once received this opportunity in life. With ten thousand baht well Making this opportunity for the younger sister

She is progressing to victory in the next game and continues without sacrifice. "Duel for the capital" Beef Bun Boonnuay Nam!

"Dr. Arthit Thanikulmanee"

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