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Do not get your hands on the Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand Use information on problem management, advertising, nutrition, ophthalmology. Repeal Food Serial Number Dietary supplements "good – contactor" 10-1-15456-5-0001 Along with expanding results for food products, advertising, keeping other eyes Warn consumers not to believe If there is an abnormal condition You should consult a medical professional directly

Dr. Thares Koratsanaiwiwong The Secretary-General of the Food and Drug Administration revealed that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that advertising for dietary supplements required many treatments for eye disease, although the FDA took legal action against advertisers. And requesting the cooperation of relevant agencies such as NBTC, the Ministry of DE and the Office of the National Commission for the Fight against Corruption to help inspect and implement relevant laws In addition to notify the public not to believe that such products have always been But still found advertising problems claiming to cure eye diseases, especially in the online media, and there were people who were affected due to the lack of correct treatment opportunities continuously at this time. The Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand says There is no academic evidence to certify that the food supplement is good – contactors can actually treat the eyes. Therefore, issued an order to the Food and Drug Administration No. 127/2562 to cancel the serial number of the food, good food supplement – contact the contact number with food on 10-1-15456-5-0001 Since March 8, 2019, is another milestone in the level of consumer protection. Exaggerated publicity And we will work together to extend the results to other claims products for the treatment of other eye diseases

Anuchit Punyathang, President of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand I went to say that the Royal College has a concern for well-being and the opportunity to receive proper treatment. Including complications arising from eating dietary supplements, advertising for the treatment of eye diseases of the Royal College people, clearly showing the position and concept of working in cooperation with the FDA and network partners involved in management Problems with dietary supplements, advertising exaggerated treatment of eye diseases, on April 24, 62, there was a cooperation meeting.

Multidisciplinary to protect consumers from fraudulent advertising of eye food products, in conjunction with the FDA, to plan work problem management, advertising food supplement products, eye disease treatment To achieve sustainable consumer protection And would like to remind people with great concern that patients with eye diseases should be diagnosed and treated only with eye diseases of medical specialists. Do not believe in the advertising of various food supplements because the past has not found any academic evidence that can prove that currently announced dietary supplements can cure eye disease. Past Royal College Found many patients who believe such advertisements and allow the symptoms of the disease to spread until healing. What a shameful thing The team sent academic information to the FDA in order to proceed with other supplements for eye care.

Dr. Thares Koratsanaiwiwong, Secretary General, said in the end that Advertising properties The benefits of various foods must be approved by the FDA before they are published. I would emphasize that advertising that makes people believe that dietary supplements can cure diseases . To advertise misleading advertisement, benefits, quality or properties of food or cheat You will be subject to arrest for a period not exceeding 3 years or fine not exceeding 30,000 baht or both By the product owner If the manufacturer or the employer produces the product Advertisers, presenters, presenters and presidents will be subject to all legal procedures, which are currently under the process of other supplements for eye care. Likewise, consumers should follow FDA news through the website. Or or Line @ FDAthai or other online media from the FDA, and can report complaints about advertising of food supplements by exaggerating properties beyond the truth on the 1556 hotline or Email : [email protected] or PO Box 1556, Ministry of Public Health, Nonthaburi 11004 or through the Oryor Smart Application or the @ FDAthai Line or Provincial Public Health Offices.


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