Saturday , October 23 2021

Distinctive, nine hundred thousand fly express, help Den Napa – cancel, film live because it is not profitable


Den Napa Lone, with a manager in Ukraine, is excellent. Before the World Championship, the great institutions "Chae even" confessed to find themselves, canceled, live. Because of the loss, of course, boxing fans please sympathize

The progress of the World Boxing Championship (WBA) during Den Naphadraiphan involved the Thai challenger and Ahmed Daqian, the Ukrainian owner. Which will take place in Kiev, Ukraine after midnight on Saturday, June 15, 62

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Last June 11, 62, from the revelation of "Chae same" Niwat Laosuwanwat The promotion of the Big Boss Galaxy has revealed the abolition of this live broadcast. Which was originally set as The TV station "One" is preparing to rent satellite signals from Ukraine to Thailand at approximately 1:30 pm on Saturday, June 15, but the latest plans need to be abandoned.

"Speak straight, have no circumcision." Boxing World Today Finding a sponsor is quite difficult. And during that time Which corresponds to the time after midnight Renting a live broadcast station requires a total of 6-7 hundred a thousand baht in just an hour.Who certainly is not familiar with the cost There were only a hundred thousand baht ruined.Therefore, wanting boxing fans to sympathize with this fact as well, "said Cher.

In addition, Dennapa, who travels with "Siai Yong" Mr. Taweesin Laowsuwanwat Private supervisor alone And for Ukraine has been completed since the day before Finally, two teams of Filipino instructors could not fly to join the team. Therefore contacted "Wahama", nine hundred thousand, Red Bull gym, former world champion Senior hurried to apply for a Ukrainian visa To prepare for a quick flight after this Thursday

On the full side of the world boxing championship Revealed to local media They ignored the clash of fighting Thai boxers. The team plans to fight the 112-pound championship with Charlie Edwards, the World Boxing Council (WBC) champion, or Moruti Mthalene, the International Boxing Federation of South Africa (IBF) later this year.

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