Director of Sangkhla Buri Hospital Dengue has been released for more than 20 days, more than 50 cases


On June 20, reporters informed that Wang Ka Sub District Director of the District, Sangkhla Buri District, Kanchanaburi Province What is a way to get rid of mosquitoes? After the area, people with dengue What started to find that patients with dengue fever increased When found a home with dengue patients Must spray mosquito repellent in a radius of about 100 meters to prevent spread From the outbreak situation, it was discovered that the Sangkhla Buri Hospital is now There are many patients who come to sleep at the hospital. Until the patient bed is not enough Some patients have to be sent to the hospital in the province.

The MD weapons. Krisda to the director of the hospital Sagklaburi revealed that despite the predictions of illness. And the prevention campaign from March to May But due to the amount of rainfall that falls during this period Resulting in the increase in the number of patients with dengue Especially from the data from 1 to June 20, this found more than 50 people, which likely to increase continuously. Due to entering the official rainy season The area will continue to rain until the beginning of October. But has not yet found deaths with dengue found in the area dengue type 2, the type that has intensified since the beginning of last month. This began to experience dengue outbreaks Along with other diseases that come with the rainy season, such as influenza, the number of outpatient increases Currently, a total of up to 400 people per day, the patient has been increased by a total of 50 beds , as well as a hospital with 30 beds.

"30% of patients with dengue fever are patients from neighboring countries who are facing dengue." The outbreak in the area. "Phaya Tong Su, a wooded area, however, aims to help people eliminate the outbreaks of mosquito larvae. Keeping clean of the accommodation If there is a high fever, no fever, do not buy antipyretics. Hurry to see a doctor What data corresponds to the private hospital Which is open in the area of ​​the House of the Three Pagodas What found that the majority of patients treated Patients with causes of flu like fever, mosquitoes and rain hat and licking dengue fever, "said Dr. Krisda.

Dr Krisada said Although health authorities in both Thailand and Myanmar have dengue campaign together. Information exchange And sending the medical staff to help If requested by the Myanmar authorities But why is a cycle of outbreaks That usually in the area will occur. Combined with forest land, rainy season, conducive to birth And the epidemic of dengue Which have mosquitoes as carriers Public health agencies closely monitor the situation. Expected by the team E Patient screening systems Prevention Can control the situation with certainty And in areas where dengue was not found



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