DEPA Reveals Thai Research on Digital Market Value Found market for smart hardware and equipment worth almost 300 billion baht


Dr. Kasitithorn Phuparadai The deputy director of the Digital Economic Promotion Agency (DEPA) discusses "Research on the hardware and smart equipment industry". Software industry and software services And the digital services industry in Thailand for the year 2017 "that the direction of the trend summed up this research Can be used as a consideration for planning decisions And deal with the changes This is the result of technologies disruptive digital

From the survey found that hardware and smart equipment market in 2017, with a total value of 294.542 million baht, the hardware industry continued to grow in the year 2018-2019, about 3-5 percent, because the hardware is a must for business operations and modern living. And this year's survey is the first year that the smart device industry is being explored, a new trend that government, business, and the general public are interested in using. It is possible that the year 2019 will lead to real use of the business sector. This needs to adjust to accept changes in new business practices that are connected to the world By having technology to be an important part to support this change But on the part of smart device developers and manufacturers Or very few devices Because they can not fight with the full development of China's entrepreneurs Must change to import equipment and develop software, order these devices AND / or act as SI

The market value of software and software in 2017 is worth 78,818 million baht in software and software services, representing a growth of 1.6% over 2016, with the forecast for 2018 and 2019 for the software and consumption of software. It will grow 15.19 percent and 17.5 percent, respectively. The global software and software industry has grown from the previous year. Because the IT operators involved in the software are benefited by 4 factors: 1. The business forms in digital business sectors of Thailand's government policy 4.0. In order to create opportunities from new technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, AI, Blockchain, IoT 3. try to create software or platforms that are their own assets and 4. new business Each new entrepreneur That is still small but has a good trend

The revenues of digital service providers in the country in 2017 worth 36,326 million baht Electronic payment services (e-Payment) Total revenue 11,356,335,631 baht for the content services group (e-Content) and Entertainment media services ( e-Entertainment) is the group that has the largest users of measurement by the number of site visitors, e-Content has 1,896 million visits per month and e-Entertainment Website traffic per month 558 million times

Assoc Dr Prof. Thanachat Nonson Director of the IMC Institute Mentioned recommendations to the government on staff development That solving the problem of staff shortage should be implemented at the political level or as a national agenda Instilling in the learning of computer programs from early childhood There is teaching of computer programs at the secondary and vocational levels. In higher education must adjust the course of the new technology when the trend has changed Cultivate specialized knowledge for the students before completing the work. Developing staff outside the education system Giving insight into new technologies for entrepreneurs Has a policy to support the development of innovation in new technologies Find marketing channels Leading growth To open up opportunities for further market expansion

3 Thai digital market capitalization surveys, including forecasts for 2018-2019, are the Thai market overview. This reinforces that all sectors face challenges from the transformation of technology in the era of digital transformation. The key issue that led the industry to grow is the flow of digital use across all sectors, across all service sectors and promising Digital usage rates grow across all sectors including Social Platform, Cashless Society, Blockchain, Chat Bot, Programmatic and Video Clips, including 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. It is a medium that is more important. When advertising and demonstrations of public and private products need to be adjusted Including staff who should accelerate the development of skills to keep pace with technology Because the digital world gives foreign business owners the opportunity to do business in Thailand freely. And have an advantage over Thai companies in terms of technology, skills, personnel, capital and rules that support business in the digital world. By the results of this research will be an important basis for the development of next exploration content

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