Crab Raya did not dare remove the wedding ring. Speaking after 10 million diamonds were invited.


Crab Raya did not dare remove the wedding ring. Speaking after 10 million diamonds were invited.

April 20 at the Garden Hall along the Ramindra Expressway There was a press conference to launch the product and presenter PCARE and at the event Mee Pu to Lundberg joined as host. He gave an interview on the story of Matthew Brab, a Swedish boyfriend Kneeling for the wedding in Japan I went on April 4, after the couple studied for more than 3 years.

Tell the atmosphere of being invited to get married?
"We've been together for 3 years, Matthew and his family are very serious about honoring women." He saw then that it was time to give stability and a promise to Poo. we do not have auspicious days. "But he felt the desire to honor the crab.

How was that moment?
"I really did not know.the first day we went to see Sakura in Tokyo.We walked together.And the crab goes to the garden.He asked for marriage.But he told me not to go (laughs) On the second day he hired a band to put it Hilla Xtra for 19 people to lend around the band So Matt he said His whole life is like a movie Because we play movies Play drama And if this time you write the end you want What she would say Then he clapped Xtra was emptied, then he knelt. "

At that time, were the tears flowing?
"Crabs are not women who are stunned and crying, but then they were shocked and answered OK."

Did he tell me how long?
"He said the preparation was very difficult One is that he's never been to Japan before This is the first time And he tried to find an event in Japan Can not find But it's crab to know later On the birthday of the crab, we would like to visit the elephant center in Chiang Mai. It is up to the guide who takes care of Chang He speaks Japanese. Matthew then took the guide and asked to help him in Japan. Find someone to find the band. Elephant Center has visited you a lot. "

Show how many months to prepare a surprise wedding request?
"He probably thought for a while Because he was the person who did what he planned But the most important thing is It's not a matter of having to rush to find a wedding day. honor women. He always told Crab that his heart wants the crab to feel that crabs are valuable. "

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Now, feeling like slipping again?
"I feel like I'm a valuable person.Thank you for honoring.He also knew that Poo wanted to work hard.He wants to work.Now, as we become more secure in our lives.Know where you are going.We can plan more lives. Because the crabs must be between America and Thailand Both local jobs and jobs in Thailand It has flown a lot But now we can talk to each other So different people do not have to fly together.

Is there a plan that will end the year or the next year?
"Now there is no auspicious time. He always said he wanted to honor the crab."

After asking us, did he get a chance to talk to our adults?
"Mom, Dad, he was happy, but the way we really do not know, but Matt Khun asked his father and mother.He asked first.If the father did not give But if given is to"

Before this conversation?
"He really has a cool style, but Pu does not think Matthew would be three years old, he's serious about life and he sees 3 years and it's better."

We find this moment Make us feel like this guy is right Until we want to live with it?
"Poseyeses is for that reason, confident, but for crab crabs for a lot of life.Has a fairly mature attitude So looking at the life of a couple is more than just getting married under the cherry tree.It is honoring each other every day and do good things for the second he asks.The first thing to think about is if we can make him happy every day.And he can make us happy every day?

How impressed was he with what he did?
When he wrote the series He wrote the screenplay for the smiling crab.He is a Baptist Already Romantic We are happy.

What about our work?
"Now it's full, now it's easier than before because when we were just fans, there was no promise or anything, we felt like we had to be together all the time because we had to fly to each other. formal and of course he also knows that the Crab has a dream that he wants to do.And he even has a dreamThe word marriage is a thing in the future.But this is to honor each other that no matter where we are, what they do it, it's a promise to honor one another And he said to Pu If your dream is to study acting Stay out and work So I said I let her do it all Then I felt that it was a gentleman And support in life of crab "

Talking about the ring How much diamond is cultivated?
(Laughs) He was also stressed when he chose the ring, he does not know what crabs will like, but I really like that.

Use this as a wedding ring?
"Actually, since the child grew up, I never expected a ring from another person." Waiting to play from his own work So he said that he was a good choice of rings because if I choose to give myself, I will choose this crab. I like that. Thank you for seeing the value of the crab. "

Up to 10 million?
"No, I do not know the price, do not dare to honor it better But just enough for a band No marriage is necessary Keep the money for the family better."

Put this on forever?
"Put it all together Matt said he should not take it off We were fine, but we had to be careful while filming the drama and hang it on the collar Let the assistant hang on the neck Khun Mat is quite considerate He said that the all the time "

Is the reservation earlier?

In relation to work, we continue to pursue our dreams. ?
"On the day the news was requested, the customer will call to congratulate Get one more ad and I'm glad everyone asked about the plan." We felt that the plan was harder than before because we talked to Matt about the plan next year and another year, two years, three years ahead.What do you want to do? "His heart also wanted him to study acting in America and really focusing on it."

What is the plan?
"It's not auspicious now, but both have a fairly long view of life." And Pu is quite serious about this story, told about being a fan for three years. Pu is quite convinced on the auspicious day that he wants to take the first engagement and the wedding ceremony is another step " .

Wait for the first auspicious engagement?
"The crabs are waiting for more appropriate life stages.The most important thing in life is We do not do anything to hurry.Take time as proof and proof Pu said that he spent every day happy.It would probably take the first engagement ceremony Matt is a very clear life planner, and Crab knows what his life plan is, he wants the crab to do what he dreams, and he wants to build a business first. "

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